A new beginning

My name is Jasper Marie Faith.The love of my life Harry Styles five years ago when he found out i was pregnant. i was only 18. Now im 23 and i have raised our beautiful baby girl Rosalie Haze Faith...or Styles. Will we meet again? Will he accept us back into his life? or leave us again.


3. Work&Suprises

I drive home thinking about what life would be like if he hadnt had left. I know i would be alot happier. And Rosalie wouldnt have to wonder who her father was. i supose ill tell her when shes older. I dont think shell belive me. But she needs to know. The whole story. Maybe one day she can meet him. He'll get flooded with questions on why he never stayed or even bothered to call or write. he will be able to feel the pain we have felt all these years without him. He will relize all the things he missed out on. Her birthdays, her award winning drawings, her beautiful voice, her first kiss. he wont be able to give her first boyfriend the father to boy talk on how he needs to treat her right. And most of all he will miss out on the life we could have had, the life we SHOULD have had. I dont know why i sit here and contemplate all of these scenarios in my head. All it does is Make me miss him more and more. I pull into the driveway and shut the car off. I walk inside and go to my bathroom i turn on the shower and go to get clothes for the day. its 7:45 right now. i have to be at work by 8:30. plenty of time. I dont do much. Im a physical traineer. I sortof also teach other kinds of things. Like how to deal with stress and anger issues through exerciseing. it makes your brain happier and you body healthier. I get into the shower and wash my hair taking my time. I turn off the water and dry my self off and i put my clothes on a sports bra my navy blue V neck with some cropped yoga pants. i throw on some trainers. put on some quick mascara i dont need much makeup. And throw my hair up into a pony tail. I grab a banana and a bottle of water and i head out. I hop into the car and turn the radio on "Shot me out of the sky-" switch. "Its gotts be youuuuu!-" switch. "its everything about you!-" god do they play nothing else?! i switch it back to the first station,one thing. I start to sing along. "Some things gotta give now, cause im dying just to make you see, that i need you here with me know, Cause youve got tthat one thing! So get out et out get out of my head and fall into my arms instead i dont i dont dont know what it is but i need that one things and youve got that one thing!" harry always told me i could sing. But i never thought so. the other boys thought i was good as well. Harry even tried to get me into the studio once but i wouldnt let him. Iv never thought i was good. they boys were the only people that had every heard me sing and that was on accident. they heard me while in the shower. Only other than rosie. i sing her to sleep everynight. I arrive at work. "Hey Jade whos this?." theres a tallish blonde guy standing next her faceing backwards talking to steve, co worker. Oh this is your new client. He turns around. Oh god. no. "Jasper? is that you?" the mans says. "Y-yeah. hi niall. its been too long." i say as i pull him in for a shaky hug. 

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