A new beginning

My name is Jasper Marie Faith.The love of my life Harry Styles five years ago when he found out i was pregnant. i was only 18. Now im 23 and i have raised our beautiful baby girl Rosalie Haze Faith...or Styles. Will we meet again? Will he accept us back into his life? or leave us again.


6. Spaghetti&Questions

~Jaspers P.O.V~

When we get home we decide to fix something seeing as we didnt eat at the resturaunt. "What would you guys like to eat?" i say. "Can we have some sketti mummy?" rosie says. I smile. "Sure sweetie we have have some spaghetti." I say. "Do you guys want to go in the other room and catch up while i fix dinner?" I say. "Sure! my rooms in here uncle niall."" rosalie says. she is so adorable. "That sounds great rosie!" niall says.


Nialls P.O.V.


I was really excited i could get to know rosie more. Shes so adorable. We walk into her room and the first thing I see is a one direction poster. How sweet. she already likes our music. Little does she know im on that poster i hope she doesnt reconize me.  "So rosie im your uncle niall." i say. "I know that silly! Are you my mummys brother?" she says. "Something like that." i say. Technically im her brother. at least i consieder her as my sister. "So lets play a game. you wanna?" I say. "Yes yes yes! What game uncle ni?" She says,excited. "Hmmm lets play twenty questions. Its a game where i ask you twenty wuestions and you ask me twenty questions." i say. "That sounds fun! I ask questions all the time. It ussally gets on mums nerves." she says and giggles. " ill go first! whats your favourtue colour?" i say. "I like the color pink! what about you?" she says. "I like the colour purple." I say. "Me too! Hmmmm.. Whats your favourite singer?" she says. "I like alll kinds of things. Justin beiber, chris brown, anythingy really.What about you?" I say. "I LOVE one direction!" she says, but before i can say any thing her mouth drops in realization. "OH MY GOSH. Your in the band one direction!" she says pointing to her poster. Dangit. Of course she would notice he one thing i didnt want her too. What happened to th luck of the irish? "Yes I am rosie." I say. "Oh my gosh! So you guys are friends? you guys hang out with each other? that is sooooooo super duper awsome!"

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