A new beginning

My name is Jasper Marie Faith.The love of my life Harry Styles five years ago when he found out i was pregnant. i was only 18. Now im 23 and i have raised our beautiful baby girl Rosalie Haze Faith...or Styles. Will we meet again? Will he accept us back into his life? or leave us again.


5. Shock&Meeting.

Nialls P.O.V

I cant belive what she just said. She was pregnant?! I understand that managment would have been mad but you cant just leave a person, a person you love with all of your heart, To raise a baby. A baby that you helped create. Not only am i mad, im completley disapointed in harry. "Jasper I had no idea I and sooo sorry." I say. "Its okay Ni, its not your fault." she says. "No Jasper. I could have done something maybe if I just-" I say being cut off. "Niall. You had no knowledge of this. You wouldnt have been able to do anything about it because you didnt know." she says. "Well know I do know and I plan on doing something to fix it." I say. There is no way im going to let jasper raise her and harrys baby on her own. "Niall you can tell anyone!" she says. "Jasper. There is no way in hell I am just going to let you raise you and Harrys child on your own. We Have to tell Harry and hes going to fix this." I say. "Niall I cant ask that of you. Its really not your-" "Jasper listen to me. I want to help. And im going to right after I meet her." I say. "Really Ni! Your the best!" she says. "Well before we go meet her I want to know a little more about her. Whats she like?" i say. "Her name is Rosalie Haze Faith er-Styles. Shes the best. She beautiful. Shes got long brown curly ringlets that fall to her waist. And the same pericing green eyes like her father. Shes just like him. She can even sing good. And im not just bragging. she sounds like a angel. She can draw fantastic as well. Shes jsut perfect youve got to meet her!" she says. "Well lets go then!" I say. I cant wait to meet her. "Now? we havent even ordered yet." she says laughing. "Yes now! if shes so amazing i cant wait to meet her!" I say. "well alright then!." she says smiling. I place money on they table and we leave. Once we get to rosalies school Jasper gets out and tells me to wait here. I do as she says and wait. She comes out of the school with a little girl I would say who is about five. Shes got long curly hair and shes laughing with her mom. As they approch the door I roll down the window. I hear jasper say "Rosie, this is your uncle Niall." she looks at me questioningly. I smile reaasuringly. " Hi Rosalie. Im Niall. Its so great to meet you!" I say smiling. "Hi uncle Niall." she says smiling shyly. Shes so adorable. shes clearly harrys. " Lets go back home guys." jasper says. "Mummy can we make sumthin to eat please?" She says. "Yes sweeting buckle up." jasper says. Wow. Today has been crazy. Im an uncle. More importantly Harry is a father.

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