A new beginning

My name is Jasper Marie Faith.The love of my life Harry Styles five years ago when he found out i was pregnant. i was only 18. Now im 23 and i have raised our beautiful baby girl Rosalie Haze Faith...or Styles. Will we meet again? Will he accept us back into his life? or leave us again.


2. school&Singing

I open Rosies closet door and pull out a floral print skirt,pink shirt and a navy blue cardigan. "Get dressed and put your boots on! Im going to make breakfast." i say with a smile. "Okay mummy!" she says. I walk out of the room and start on breakfeast. i Get out the pancake mix and chocolate chips. Imix it all together and put a spoon full into the waffle maker. Chocolate chip waffles are ro's favourite. "Im all ready mum!" she says twirling around. "We still have to fix your hair silly go get the brush." i say. The waffle maker beeps and i take out the waffle and set it on a plate. I pour syrup on it and rosie comes back. "Here you go." she says handing me the brush. I take it and brush her hair. its so beautiful and long. just like her fathers. I really do miss him, with all my heart. I wish he wouldnt have gone. We could have raised rosalie together. And had the perfect life. She would have had five uncles who thought the world of her! i wonder if the know, know why he left me. I wonder what he told them. Maybe he said i cheated. But they wouldnt have belived that. They knew i loved him with every ounce in my being even though that wasnt much considering im 5'2.But still what did he say.. "Mum im all done with my waffles!" i snap out of my day dream. "Great sweetie you ready?" i say. "Yup! i got my backpack and all my stuff!"She says. "than lets go!" i say and we go to get into the car. I turn on the radio as im driving. " your insecure dont know what for your turning heads when you walk through the doooor, dont need makeup, to cover up being the way that you are is enouuugh. Everyone else in the room can see it veryone else but you!" oh great. "MUM TURN IT UP! i love this song!" i turn it up and she sings along. She has a the most beautiful voice just like her father. Little does she know shes listening to him. "Baby you light upp my world like nobody else the way that you flip you hair gets me overwhelmed!" she sings. "You have the prettiest voice ro!" i say smiling. "Thank you mummy."she says grinning. "I wish i could meet them! whats the name of their band?" she says. "They are called one direction." i say staring at the road. "Their fantastical!" she says. "Yes they are fantastical arent they! were here sweetie. do you know where your classroom is?"i say. "Yes mummy." she says. "Alright have a good day sweetie! Mind your manners!" i give her a big hug and let her out of the car. "Love you!" i say "Love you too!" she says before walking into school.

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