A new beginning

My name is Jasper Marie Faith.The love of my life Harry Styles five years ago when he found out i was pregnant. i was only 18. Now im 23 and i have raised our beautiful baby girl Rosalie Haze Faith...or Styles. Will we meet again? Will he accept us back into his life? or leave us again.


1. Nightmares&First days.

Dream~ "Har-harry," I say. "Yes love?" he says smiling his perfects smile. "I-I need to tell you something..big." I say tears filling in my eyes, Knowing his reply to what im about to tell him wont be good. "Alright babe what is it?" he says smiling. Im really going to miss that smile. "i-im pregnant." i manage to stutter. "Seriously Jasper stop kidding around, what is it?" he says. "Harry im not kidding." i say bursting into tears. "What?! You cant be pregnant!" he says. I begin to shake. "But I am. and-" I say, but he cuts me off. "Jasper I cant stay. I have My entire career ahead of me and i cant ruin it with some baby!" he yells. i sob even harder. "Some baby?! Harry this is ours. Our baby! You said forever! You cant leave. Leave me alone in my life to raise a baby. our baby!" I say sobbing in to my hands. "Jasper," he starts staring into my eyes. " I cant stay. Management will make me leave the band.I cant just leave the band. I have my whole life ahead of me and i cant ruin it like this." he says tearing up. "But-" i say only to be cut off. "Im sorry jasper. Ill leave you money to help raise the baby. But then i have to pack my things and leave" he says. "I dont want money to raise our baby! I want you! I want us! I want to be apart of the life you have ahead off you!" i scream and stomp. "Im sorry jazz." he says. and walks out of the door.~ end of dream.

I awake crying. It was like this every night. The same old dream, or should i say nightmare. Its been five years since he left me. I have raised our beautiful baby girl Rosalie Haze Faith, or styles, all on my own. Which is a hard thing to do when she looks just like her father. The same pericing emerald eyes. The Long curly brunette ringlets cascading down her back. Full lips with a perfect smile. And the most beautiful voice i have ever heard come our of a five year olds mouth. The only thing she took from me was her personality. Funny,Intelligent, And she can draw. Most five year old are drawing stick figures. But not rose. She draws breathtaking pictures. Her favourite thing to draw is nature. Mostly flowers. But one time she drew our kitten lolly, it was absolutley brilliant. I roll over and look at the clock its 6:00. Today is the day Rosalie starts her first day at school. I roll out of bed and walk to her room. I walk over and sit on her bed. "Rosie wake up, its your first day of scool!" i say softly while nudging her shoulder. She pops out from under the covers."Im sooooo excited mum!" she giggles. "well come on then we have got to go get ready!" i say to her, scooping her out of bed.

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