the best day

Sandy is a girl who is in love with One Direction. 1 Day she finds out they're performing in her city, while she is trying to get tickets something unexpected happens.

hey I'm sorry it's short it's just that this was like the very first story I wrote.I hope u like it


3. WOW!

It was them! I couldn’t believe it was them again, I told them to come in, & then I noticed that there was someone missing. It was Harry. We talked a bit & the I asked where harry was, they told me that he was outside, so I ran outside & hugged him he hugged me back, it was one of those hugs  where he lifts u up & turns around. It was so magical even though it was just for like 15 sec.

We talked a lot about what had happed on the last few days. He said he was looking  forward to the concert  I said that I was 2. Again I needed to go, why did time had to go so fast. I wished I could freeze that moment in a frame & stay like that.

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