the best day

Sandy is a girl who is in love with One Direction. 1 Day she finds out they're performing in her city, while she is trying to get tickets something unexpected happens.

hey I'm sorry it's short it's just that this was like the very first story I wrote.I hope u like it


1. the tickets

I woke up; it was another day, just another normal day. I decided to turn on the tv & the news were on. I was about to take a shower when suddenly something got my attention. The guy from the news was saying something about One Direction “so to all the directioners the tickets will be available next Friday” In that moment I started screaming I just couldn’t believe they were finally coming to my city.

So now it was finally Friday. When I arrived at the place where tickets were being sold there was a HUGE line, I should’ve seen that coming. They started selling the tickets at 10 A.M. I waited for like 2 hours to get my chance to get tickets, I was almost there when the woman said “I’m sorry but tickets are sold out” I couldn’t believe it they were just 4 more people in front of me. I didn’t know what to do, scream, cry, just go away I didn’t know so I just started crying. I covered my face with my hands when suddenly someone hugged my. I didn’t know who that person was cause I was covering my face when it hugged me. So when I decided to look & see who that person was I realized he was a boy, but not just an ordinary boy.

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