the best day

Sandy is a girl who is in love with One Direction. 1 Day she finds out they're performing in her city, while she is trying to get tickets something unexpected happens.

hey I'm sorry it's short it's just that this was like the very first story I wrote.I hope u like it


2. Surprise

He was ZAYN MAlIK. He was telling me to stop crying that everything was going to be alright. I just said “yeah it’s just that I really wanted to go to your concert” then he said “you’re going” “What?” “Yes you’re going”.  Then suddenly harry appeared & gave me an envelope I told me to open it. I opened it & it was some tickets for the concert. “OMG thank you so much, but why me? Why did u decide to give me the tickets?” then Niall said “well you know we’ve been here since the selling started & we saw that u were so excited about this so when u didn’t get tickets we decided that u were the one who deserved them” “ooo okey” the Lou told me “r u excited?” “YES I’m so excited, I actually can’t believe that this is really happening” Then Harry hugged me I told me that I was such a nice person, I think that in that moment I blushed a little, well maybe a lot.

We talked for hours but the time that I had to go arrived, so I just took photos with them & left, when I was about to leave harry told me “see ya in 2 months” “yeah if u see me between all that people I think that yeah U’ll see me in 2 months” he just laughed & gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was kind of awkward & sweet at the same time u know, it was awkward cause I just met him but I don’t know it was so ryterhniowejbtewy.

When I arrived to my house I opened twitter & I had follows & tweets from all of them. We started talking by facetime & skype.

Now it was just 1 week before the concert, I was counting the days till I was seeing the boys again. I was listening to music when someone rang the bell.

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