Coffee Shop (Niall Horan Fan Fic)

Jenna is an 18 year old girl. She works at Starbucks to earn extra money. It all started with a spilled coffee, table 3, and a phone number. It all ended with ......You'll just have to read and find out.


3. A....Date?


 Chapter Two



          Phew! I'm finally out of work! That didn't take long at all! -not my sarcasm.  Yay! Now I can finally call Niall! Wait! I said I was going to do that tomorrow. :( Oh well....I can call him today....right? That won't seem to....pushy? Oh welll! Im calling him!!! I finally get to my flat. Once I walk through the door I feel like all tensions of the world were gone. This is how it always felt coming home from work. But only when I work at Starbucks...I don't know why. Thats why I keep working there. I walk over into my little bedroom. I jump up on my bed and instantly grab my phone out of my purs. JENNA!! YOU LEFT THE CUPS AT THE STORE! THE CUP THAT HAD HIS NUMBER ON IT! Ahhh. Why do I have to be so stupid some times...? I sigh, putting back on my coat and boots getting ready to go back to Starbucks to retrieve Nialls cell phone number. I walk out the door and onto the street. Yeah, I don't have a car because I realy dont need one. Every place I need to go is within walking distence.

I start walking towards the  "store. "Jenna?" I hear someone say my name. I turn around to reviel a tall Niall Horan. "Niall? What are you doing here?" I ask. "I was just going to get some coffee. I thought Starbucks was open 24/7." He replies. "No its not." I say. "Well what are you doing walking to the store this late?" He asks. It was 9:45 PM. "Umm...well...." I blush slightley. "I-I kind of forgot your number. S-so I had to go back and get the c-cup." I reply. "Ohh... Mind if I join you? In getting my number from the cup that I gave you,... when I'm right here..." He chuckles a bit. I start blushing furiously. "Oh....Haha....Um....can I re-get your number?" I ask shyley. "Um.. Jenna....Im right here...You don't really have to call me." He laughs. I feel so stupid. " Oh yeah...Haha...." I say. "Give me your phone Jenna." Niall tells me. "Okay" I say as I take my phone out of my purs. He takes it from my hand and seems to be adding his phone number. "Here you go." He says. "Thanks" I reply. "Well this is awkward..." I whisper, trying to make it so he couldn't hear but fail missurably. "True. Hey love? Do you not have a car?" He asks. My heart flutters. He called me love! Niall Horan called me love? eeek! He called me LOVE! JENNA ANSWER HIM! "Ummm.. No...Yes... I don't have a car." I tell him. My cheeks flush bright red. "Care for a ride?" He asks gesturing to his dark van. "Sure." I reply with a smile. "Okay hop in." He tells me while booting me up into the passenger seat. He closes my door as he walkes over the the drivers side. Getting in. "Um..Niall? Where are we going?" I ask. " It's a surprise" He tells me smirking a bit. "ugh..I hate surprises." I reply.  "But you will absolutely LOVE this one babe." He replies mater-of-factedly. 



We arrive at the so called amazing surprise. It was..his flat? "Is this your flat?" I ask. "Well..yes...It is not only mine. It is four other guys who live in the flats below and next to me also." He replies. Four other guys? Plus one....Five...Five guys living seperate falts....One Direction.. How could I forget???? I forgot that this was THE Niall Horan from THE One Direction. "Ohhh....I see..." I tell him. He hops out of the car and walks over to open my door. As he helps me out he whispers into my ear..."A...Date?" I have a follish grin plastered on my face. Not able to talk I nod my head furiously. He smiles even wider. "Great." He says. Still whispering. 



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