I Will Never Forgive You Harry Styles !!

- 18 Year Old Ellla . . . . Has Been Bullied By Harry Styles When They Were In High School And When She Graduated She Never Saw Harry Again Until She When Back To England Because Her Parents Both Died . Ella I Under So MMuch Depression She Had Started To Cut.


2. Surprise....

Ella's P.O.V

"Well It Took You Long Enough" A Female Voice Said Excitedly . ' I Look And There My Bestfriend Stephanie Stood With Her Arm's Wide Open For Me To Hug Her ' 'I Dropped All My Stuff And Ran To Her Almost Knocking Her Down ' "OMG Stephanie How Did You Know I Was Coming Backk ! " I Basically Screamed . " Shawntae Told Me ! "  She Told Me With A Who Else Face . I Really Didn't Have That Much Friend I Only Had Stephanie & Shawntae . 'I  Looked At Her With A Confused Face . When I Moved Shawntae Moved And Me And Stephanie Lost Touch But I Guess Her And Shawntae Didn't . When Me And Shawntae Moved We Went To The Same School So I Guess When I Told Shawntae I Was Moving Back She Told Stephaine . "Oh . " I Said Looking At Her . She Had A Wide Smile On Her Face Like She Wanted To Tell Me Something Badly . " Um , Stephanie Are You Ok? " I Said Looking At Her Weird . " Ughh , I Can't Wait Any Longer Here !! " 'She Handed Me A Envelope ' I Took It And Looked At Her She Just Kept Smiling ' The Envelope Had My Name In Bold Letters ' ELLA' ' I Open The Envelope Curious To See What Was Inside. ' My Eyes Widened At What I Saw ' "OMG YOU GOT ME ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TICKETS " !! ' I Ran Up To Her And Hugged Her Tight .  ' She Hugged Me Back Gladly . ' The One Thing I Really Wasent Excited About Was Seeing Harry Again . ' 




Hey Guyss Sorry That This Storyy Isn't That Great .... Its My First Story So No Hate ?? <3 Any Ways I'll Update Soon . Love Yall (;

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