I Will Never Forgive You Harry Styles !!

- 18 Year Old Ellla . . . . Has Been Bullied By Harry Styles When They Were In High School And When She Graduated She Never Saw Harry Again Until She When Back To England Because Her Parents Both Died . Ella I Under So MMuch Depression She Had Started To Cut.


1. Moving Back.

Ella's P.O.V

My names ella and im 18 years old and i used to live in new york city until my parents died. My Parents Were On Their Way Back Home And They Were Drunk And Crashed Into Another Car On The Highway. I was born in england but we moved because my father never really liked it here , i never new why its so beautiful here. So now that i don't have to stay in the big apple anymore i decided i would move back . I haven't bought a house yet so i'm just gonna stay in a hotel till i do . A lot of people say they see one direction stay here a lot . . . so being the girl i am i decided to pick this hotel. I guess you could say ima directioner . . . i mean i like there music but if i saw them i wouldn't go all fangirl. 'I walk up to the front desk and the lady askes for my name' "Ella Muniz" 'Ah , Good After Noon Mrs. Muniz Your Room Number Is 345 And Here Is Your Room Key. " ' she handed me the key and i asked what floor the room was on she said floor 5' . ' I got on the elevator and pressed number 5'. It was really slow and i just wanted to get to the room already. ' Finally the elevator doors opened and i ran to my room i opened the door and to my surprise i saw ' "Well Took You Long Enough" !! A female voice said excitedly.   

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