Somewhere Only We Know

If your lost and alone and your sinking like a stone carry on may your past be the sound live with your feet upon the ground and carry..


2. Wait..Your who..?


We arrive at Lou, my aunts house, hours after leaving the airport in London and driving miles and miles to Manchester. She lives in Manchester because of business type affairs, although it's really beautiful and very warm. I sling my bag over my shoulder and proceed up her gigantic concrete step, having to bring my leg up all the way just to take one step. It looks more like a shrunken, very small not even the least bit, library and the garden outside envelopes the sides of the house into a big ball of leafy green. I feel the weight of the backpack being slowly lifted off my back and I turn to see Tom, Lou's husband, pulling that and a few more of my bags onto his back, it frightens me how much strength he has. The inside is covered in pictures and sweatshirts with signatures written on the breast of each, they aren't visible from where I am standing. He drops the last few luggage bags down onto the stairs that dip into the living room, the house is rather futuristic and photo-decked. There'e a variety of pictures of boys and a few more of Lux and them separately. She catches me taking a long glance at each and approaches me pointing at each one.   "That's Harry. I'm his hair dresser."   "Hair dresser? What boy has his own hair dresses?" She shakes her head. "   "He's famous."   "And that makes it okay?" I scoff and turn not wanting to see the rest . I quickly make my way down the stairs that lead into the living room and wraps around the whole perimeter.    "I can show you to your room?" I shrug and follow her sheepishly as she makes her way up the long winding steps and down the narrow hallway. She opens the door and lets me walk in solo.  I look about the room taking in the small things, the brown streaks of paint in the wall and black and white photos perfectly aligned on the walls.. The room was very spacious and bright, I guess to make me feel less depressed. Bright colors and a huge house wouldn't make me cheerful I needed something in my life that made it worth living and now those things that I had were gone. Gone...gone..gone. That's the constant thought that ran through my mind as I scouted the perimeter, looking at the modern floral furniture.            "Do you like it?" I turned to her and nodded looking back at the dresser and sitting there was a picture of my parents and me sitting at the edge of a dock. I smile touching the frame.       "It's fine.."       "I want you to be as comfortable as you would be if you were home."       "I don't want to be here."I sat sitting on the King size bed getting pulled down into it's depth.       " Your going through a rough transition and I don't blame you for hating everyone. Your a teenager and you've lost your parents...I don't know how that feels, so I'm not gonna say it or try and relate to you because I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me. But do know that we love here, your family and no matter what."           "Family? My family is gone. I don't know you, and I don't want to be here!" She looks at me for a moments peircing her lips and stands.       "I jope you change your mind."       "I won't" She pulls a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and walks out. I hear the click of her wedge heel hitting the marble floor and sit there looking at the bright blue walls. I slam my head down on my pillow and close my eyes letting sleep take over but nothing happens and I sit there for hours hoping that I was already in a dream and I would wake up and my mother would be in the kitchen playing rummy with my father and that we would all just...sit and be a happy family again. No of it happens of course, and to my disapointment Lou comes back with Lux wrapped around her waist and purse in hand. She smiles at me with a very caring motherly smile.       "Gonna come?"       "Where?"       "Well I have to go to work and Tom is going to be gone all day , so you kinda have to come and when you get tired of me Tom is gonna pick you up." I roll out of bed not fully aware of my actions and follow her downstairs and out the door. We drive in silence but every few seconds Lux would say something irrelavent and Lou would look at me and smile. Lou reminds me to much of my mother and I guess that's why I hated being so near to her, having to look at this at this women and seeing my mother. Every little resemblance made my throat tighten, from the little brown natural streaks in her hair to the golden specks in her eyes, I missed my mother to much already and being so far away from the only person that knew what I was going and could comfort me was tearing me apart. I couldn't stand not having Nathan here with me and being here with complete strangers. We finally arrive at a ginormous brown house covered in windows and balconies. Lux gets ecstatic and starts to sing something that I can't make out. I can't believe how gorgeous the houses are in London, it really put America and their landscape to shame.    "Well ,this is the place." She says grabbing her purse.She comes around popping the door open for Luz and we all casually walk up to the door, she doesn't knock but walks right in. I hear voices entwined with other voices and footsteps and laughter.    "Boys! Lux is here."    "Lou! Guys Lou is here!" A male voice yells with a really intriguing English accent. I hear footsteps and Lux starts to run to where the footsteps are.    "Baby Lux!!!!" A light brown curly haired boy says coming around the corner scooping her up into his arms. He stops when he sees me. "Hello there." I do a slight smile. Four more boys come behind him drooling over Lux, I hear little giggle and it warms my whole body.    "You guys this is my niece Rayna."    "Hi there." A blonde boy says waving at me really enthusiastically. My mind goes blank and the only one that really makes an impression on my is the one with really dark hair. He has a low cute v-dip t-shirt that shows off part of a tattoo I think and I just look for a minute. They all wave eventually and introduces themselves, the one that I can't keep my eye's off, his name is Zayn. Then there's Harry the one in the picture in Lou's living room, Louis, and Liam.    "Well Harry, I think you need a trim." She says pushing him toward the kitchen, we all follow, me behind everyone else. She sits Harry down and pulls a red sleek bag from a cupboard and unzips it revealing a dozen hair clipping and styling tools. He makes at weird face at Lux and she jumps giggling.   "Your so weird Harry. Weird boy." She tries to stuff his tongue back in his mouth but he diverts her every time, moving his tongue from left and right. She's so concentrated on trying to do this that she doesn't notice how far she is slipping off Zayn's leg. He catches her before she falls and she goes: "Zayn, you got me." and she gives him a tight hug wrapping her small little chubby arms around his dark neck. I swear this is the cutest thing I've seen, ever. I smile and Lou looks over at me.   "Rayna is going to be staying with me for quite a while so you guys get acquainted." I shake my head, but hold in in mid pose as they all turn to glance at me.   "Where you from?" The one with a red and white striped shirt, that I understand is Louis says, at least I think it's Louis, maybe Liam.    "California." I'm not in the mood for conversation, so I speak softly.    "American..? Well I'm from Mullingar, Liam is from Wolver-hampton, my buddy Zayn" he pats his shoulder." He's from Bradford."   "Bradford Bad Boii." The one in stripes says, I can't help but smile, they are a very great distraction from my troubles.    "Louis, Louis where are you from..?" He gives Louis a brace filled smile. "Oh yeah your from Doncaster!!! And then there's Harry."   "I'm sure she knows who I am." He says looking over at us. Lou turns his head, thumping his head with the comb. "Owww."    "How old are you?" The one with the dark brown eyes says showing off a dimple.    "17." He nods. I looked away from him after gazing for too long. I had Nathan so why was I looking at this guy like this. He was so very attractive and so were the other four but I just help but feel sick with disgust for myslef.    "Okay..Hazz your finished." She said wipping the cloak off of his shoulders. Liam lets trim that bald head."   "Liammm!" Lux screamed and dove into his lap. I didn't want to be here but this was a beginning in beginnings that I had to take and no matter how I felt or wanted it was never going to change. I had to change me, change my whole view of life and adjust to the new Rayna. Here I was and here was to my new beginning    XXX Enjoy my chapter lovliessss! <3 XXX
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