Somewhere Only We Know

If your lost and alone and your sinking like a stone carry on may your past be the sound live with your feet upon the ground and carry..


3. Shadows

Its been a depressing couple of weeks. Last week I was sentenced to the thing we all dread after moving. I was piled into a classroom full of adolescent teens who are freshman in uni and who think it’s okay to talk and act like a bunch of fuck faces. I’ve adopted quite the new style, fiery pink hair, hipster shorts that show off your labia, the bad boy boyfriend, and the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. Yeah I got the whole package going on. My horrific week doesn’t stop there, Nathan thought it’d be swell to break up with me so I kinda went on a bindge with all the loss I have been experiencing and I lost control on Lou the other day, so its been really awkward at the boys house, having to sit there and wait around for her and then having a silent ride home. Me and the boys are getting along but I just don’t really care for them. We go to the same school. Just started university with them and every single one of them is in at least one of my classes. I do really fancy Zayn, that’s what they call it up here. Manchester is quite the place, I love it very much! “And remember the four page essay on the Great American leaders is due on Monday, you got two days.” Our professor says loudly as we all go to leave. Niall is waiting by the door for me leaning with his back against the wall. “Liked the lecture today?” He says his Irish accent as thick as ever.I nod. “Did you?” “He could of talked less.” “Then it wouldn’t of been a lecture, Niall.” We begin our walk down the hall. “Need a ride today?” I look at him dimly. “No, but thank you anyway.I have a ride.” “You do?” “No. And I have no idea why I just lied to you.” “Are you going with Jensen?” “Maybe but why do you care?” “Because he’s bad news. The sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.” “What if I like being off in the deep end? Don’t try to be a good guy Niall, its not gonna work.” I turn around quickly not trying to catch a glimpse of his face and rush outside searching for Jensen. I spot him over by the giant luminous sign standing at the door of his car waving me over. I stand there for a moment and look back at the giant glass doors where Niall was standing and now all the boys have gathered there and are watching me with angry eye. It gave me a rush knowing that I could reject what the wanted me to do and I just loved defying them, it was fun. I took long strides through the crowd of flocking uni students and grabbed his hand pulling him into a kiss. “Your all frisky today. What’s gotten into you?” I put my arms around his neck swinging a bit.  “Nothing, I’ve just missed you.”  “Does it have anything to do with the butt fuck boys?” I scoff at him pulling my hands away from his neck. I didn’t like them but it didn’t give Jensen a reason to talk about the like that. “Jensen, there in One Direction that doesn’t automatically make them gay. Lay off.” He looks at me perplexed. “I thought you didn’t care?” “I don’t but, their good people.” “Okay, whatever you say sweetheart.” He gives me a deep passionate kiss and leans back.” What you want to do today?” “Lets go down to your place.” He looks around a bit. “Not the best idea. How about we hit a pub?” “Sure.”  “Get in.” He says nodding back to the truck. I go around to the side and quickly slide in, looking back up at the building I see them slowly moving away but Niall and Zayn just linger there. I look down and wait for him to drive away. he wraps his arm around my shoulders. “Everyone still giving you shit?” “Of course, when does anyone not?” “Look princess. People are going to try and break you your whole life, fight.”  “I’ll fight as long as I have you. People don’t understand our relationship, but I don’t care.” “Listen, Rayna. Your gonna have to be a reasonable person some time. Your in University, the time for deifying teenage shit is done for.” “It’s not that. I do love you, Jensen. But I’m not going to mold myself for them.” He nods and we pull into a small pub on the outskirts of town. He climbs out and waits for me to come and take his hand and then we both go inside. There’s not as much people as you would expect, but then again it was 4:35 pm so how many people would be at this pub, if they weren’t alcoholics? He takes me down the long aisle of strange men and to the head of the bar. He orders two brandies and we sit back as he knocks the first down and orders a second one, I casually sip on mine. There’s a group of men staring at us playing pool and it’s giving me the chills and Jensen senses it.  “What?” “Nothing.” I say turning my back to them. He scouts them out and stands up making his way over to them. “Jensen! What are you doing?” I get up and follow him over tugging at his shirt to pull him back. “I don’t like the way they’re looking at you.”  “Jensen, it’s fine! Stop. ” He yanks away and stands at the end of the pool table. One of the men hits the ball with the que stick and it hits a purple ball, he flicks the ball with his finger and they all rise. “Jensen!” They all make their way to us. “He didn’t mean it.” “He didn’t mean it?” One of the men says.” He purposely flicked the bloody ball and he didn’t mean it? You just cost me the game you prick!” He grabs Jensen by his collar and slams him against the wall.  “Hey! Leave him alone!” I scream rushing over to him but am pulled back by two of the other guys. “let me go!” I look around at the rest of the people but no one sense anything and just goes back to drinking their beverages. “let him go, now!” Jensen receives a blow to the face and he drops down to the floor. I yank away but nothing works.  “Stop your hurting him! Please just let him go!” The man picks up Jensen and slams him onto the wall, I see him grin and spits in the mans face. He slowly wipes it off his cheek and punches Jensen in the stomach, it’s as if I can feel every blow he gets.  “Stop!!!” He ets thrown to the ground and all I can see is him getting kicked and punched severely. All I can think about is getting to his side. “Stop your killing him!!! Your gonna kill him!” He gets one last blow to the side and the man stands up and backs away wiping a little bit of blood from the side of his mouth. They let me go and I drop to the floor in tears crawling over to him. They all lowly walk out, still no one has noticed this match that had just went on. I sit him up. “Jensen. Are you okay?” He looks up at me and grabs my hand firmly. “I’m fine. Go out to the car.” He gets up and goes in the direction of the bathrooms. I stand and quickly ran outside. They’re waiting at their motorcycles, the anger pumps through me and i rush over to them pushing the one that beat up Jensen. “How dare you?! You could have killed that him and over what a hadn’game!” He grabs my hand and slams me close to his body. “You disgust me!” “What your bitch couldn’t come out here so he sent you?” “No! What kind of people are you?” He pushed me back and I feel onto the ground. “Car, Rayna. Now.” I hear Jensen say calmly. I scrabble to my feet and get in the car, slamming the door behind me. I could hear nothing but soon Jensen is back in the car and putting the key in the ignition. “What happened?” “Nothing. Don’t worry about it.” He said speeding off. I looked back at our tracks and I could see the men layed across the parking lot. I looked at him he was smiling slyly. I felt uneasy in my seat, he looked so evil.

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