This Is My Diary

Hi,so my first diary.A proper one anyway.So,I want to tell you about my life.My sad,depressing life.No one likes me,I'm just the'loner'girl,sat in the library at breaks and lunches.But I don't want to be that girl anymore.I have a story,which I have to share with you.


2. My first day.


It's the 29th of August,2012.So yesterday it was the 28th.The first day back.I was going into Year 10 at Woodside Secondary School.I hated it there.The school was a scruffy mess,the teachers were strict and the pupils there were,well,em,I don't want to use bad language in this diary do I.Let's just say there were'mean'.I got picked on a lot. Mostly four girls,as I like too call them,'the fakes'.They called me names,tripped me up in hallways ans took my lunch money.I couldn't tell no one,else it would just get worst.So,my first day.Same old same old.As soon as I walk into the dump,they take my lunch money.Try to trip me up going up the stairs.Getting nasty messages during classes ''No-one likes you!''.''Waste of space''.Yep,this is my life.I cry myself to sleep every night, dreading to go to school the next day.Self-harming has came to mind,no thad the guts to do it.Not all the people at school HATE me though... 

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