This Is My Diary

Hi,so my first diary.A proper one anyway.So,I want to tell you about my life.My sad,depressing life.No one likes me,I'm just the'loner'girl,sat in the library at breaks and lunches.But I don't want to be that girl anymore.I have a story,which I have to share with you.


1. So,I'm Sophie.


My diary.First,this is private.If you brat's out there ever get your hands on this then...I won't do nothing.I'm just the helpless little Sophie Higgins,the average 14 year old girl.I don't have no way to express my feelings,no way other then this diary.I feel like you are my only friend,the only person I can tell stuff to.Well,things aren't getting any better.I'm still living in this stinking council flat with my mum,older sister and younger brother.My dad left us when I was 7,having problems with mum.Never seen or heard from him since.Good.Never liked that man.So it's the start of this academic year and I want to share with you my first day...  

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