True Colours

Isabella is a girl who just wants a normal life. But with her supernatural ability, life is far from easy. Things get even more complicated when the boy of her dreams, global superstar, Niall Horan gets involved. Isabella has always known she was different, but her new-found knowledge and desire for taking risks is about to reveal a whole new world she never could have dreamed of. Not to mention having to deal with the intense pressure of being speculated as Niall's 'girlfriend'...


2. Secrets Untold

On the way home, I couldn't stop thinking about the new girl Emily. I couldn't get it out my head. Later that day, I'd tried again to see her true colours, but every time I tried, all I saw was BLACK.

Why couldn't I see her colours? Was there something wrong with me? No, I'd been able to see other people's colours. Or maybe there was something wrong with me. I mean, I don't think seeing feelings as colours is exactly normal. I dreamed of having a normal life. My ability had made me cautious and insecure. Cautious because I was forever scared someone would notice something strange about me, start questioning me and find out. Insecure because I was sure there were more people like me. More weirdos seeing colours. If I could do it, why couldn't someone else? There were so many questions in my mind that day, that I decided I would try and do some research when I got home. I'd never questioned it before, just sort of went along with it, but now I wanted answers. I wanted to know if I really was a freak. I wanted the truth.

As soon as I got home, I switched on my laptop and searched "Seeing feelings as colours" There were a few useless pages about different colours representing and symbolising feelings (which of course I already knew all about) and other random useless stuff. Then a page called "The Enchanted - Greek Myth (seeing emotions as colours)" Excited, I clicked on it.

The Enchanted - Greek Myth

The Enchanted were a mythical group of people who were said to have the ability to visualize others' emotions and feelings through colours. They were a powerful group of people who brought only good to the world around them. They existed thousands of years ago, and there were many of them. They lived in harmony with humans, helping them whenever possible.

However, as the legend goes, they were almost wiped out by another group of powerful people called The Scarlett Clan who seeked one thing, and one thing only. Power. They had the ability to see weaknesses in a person, and it was said that they were descendants of demons. The Greeks believe that both groups were almost wiped out by each other, but some still exist in the world today.

It took a while for all this new information to sink in. I sat there for a few minutes, stunned. Of course, this might not be true, but it was more than I had hoped for. What this was telling me was that all this time, I'd thought I was the only one, when there might actually be more weirdos out there! One thing was for sure, I needed to talk to someone about it. Someone other than Jasmine.

*****~The Next Day~*****

I'd actually been planning on telling Niall about this ability for quite a long time, but I never knew how. I still don't know how I'm gonna pull it off without him thinking I'm a total nutter. Oh well.

Bravely, I walked up to his front door and knocked loudly.

"Hey! Izzy! How're ya doin'?" He pulled into a quick hug.

"Hi Niall! I'm great, really great, how's you and the boys?"

He led me inside the house, and we decided to watch a comedy movie. I love comedies, and I always have a laugh when I'm with Niall. About halfway through the movie, I decided I couldnt wait any longer.

"Um...Niall? I kinda have to tell you something..." I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

"Okay, what the matter?" He turned off the TV and turned so he was completely facing me.

"Well... this is gonna sound crazy, and you're probably not gonna believe me, but..."

"Yes? What is it?" I could tell he was getting impatient.

I took a deep breath and started talking as fast as I could. "I kind of have this power thingie that lets me see feelings as emotions, like if I look at someone and I concentrate then I can see a colour coming from them which tells me how they're feeling. I've had it all my life and the only person who I've told is my best friend Jasmine. I know it's hard to believe, and you probably think I'm a complete nutjob now, but I'm telling the truth and I'll do anything to prove it to you, anything you want."

Silence followed. Bravely, I sneaked a look at Niall. He was staring at me with a blank look on his face, and I could tell there were a million thoughts running through his head. At that moment, I realised I'd never used my power on him, not because I couldnt but because I'd never wanted to. I guessed now was a good time for a first time. He was white with shock, but there was a hint of yellow. Yellow? That means happiness. Why would be happy? Happy because he hadnt been wrong in thinking I was a weirdo?

Just as the silence started to get uncomfortable, Niall looked at me at smiled.

"First of all, I believe you. Second, I have a confession too. I have exactly the same power as you. I'm an Enchanted too. And I've been wanting to tell you for so long, you wouldnt believe. I just cant believe it! I've finally found someone who's the same as me!"

He leaned forward and hugged me tight, and I smiled to myself. Being in his arms felt so heavenly.

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