True Colours

Isabella is a girl who just wants a normal life. But with her supernatural ability, life is far from easy. Things get even more complicated when the boy of her dreams, global superstar, Niall Horan gets involved. Isabella has always known she was different, but her new-found knowledge and desire for taking risks is about to reveal a whole new world she never could have dreamed of. Not to mention having to deal with the intense pressure of being speculated as Niall's 'girlfriend'...


1. Colourful Surroundings

"You'll be fine." He told me, gently stroking my cheek.

"You don't know that. You don't know me." I frown. "Things aren't as simple as they seem."

"I know enough about you to know that even though you feel like it's too much to handle, you are a strong person, and you'll make it through."

"Maybe..." I smiled a little at his kind words. "I have to go..." I pulled away from his warm body and into the forest, then I heard him calling my name.


I turned back, and he was gone.

"Isabella! Isabella! ISABELLA!"

I woke with a start, only to find my mother shaking me awake. I groaned and shook her off, rubbing my head. These intense dreams had been giving me headaches recently. Yawning, I reluctantly rolled out of bed and began to prepare for another 'normal' day at school.


First lesson: Art. I like Art, so that was okay. As I made my way over to the Art & Design department, I heard my phone ringing loudly in my pocket. After silently cursing myself for forgetting to put it on silence AGAIN, I read the text message that had come in from my close friend, Niall Horan. Yes, you heard me right, Niall Horan. About four or five months ago, it felt as if all my dreams had come true when I got VIP tickets to see my favourite band, One Direction. Then the impossible happened. Me and Niall had got on very well at the meet and greet, and by the end, we had each others numbers. And now, we are very good friends.

The text read "Hey, just wanted to say have a good day at school. Also, do you wanna hang out tomorrow if you're not busy?" I grinned and quickly texted back that I would love to. Since it was Saturday, and my social life was pretty empty, I was looking forward to hanging out with Niall again. I always looked forward to it. Truth is, I'd always had a massive crush on Niall, but I figured that being friends with an international pop-star was good enough. I knew not to push my luck.

"Izzy! Hey!" I heard Jasmine's soft voice calling me from outside the Art room. Jasmine had been my best friend practically since birth, and she was one of the only people I allowed to call me Izzy. I turned to smile at her, seeing the familiar sight of her long, dark, wavy brown hair cascading down to her waist. As usual, there was a twinkle in her sky blue eyes. I didn't even need to use my power to know that she was happy about something.

I vaguely listened as she told me that she had met this 'really hot guy' who she thinks is 'into her'. I would have given her my full attention if I hadn't heard these stories a million times before. Nothing ever came out of them. The guy would find out that she wasn't 'popular' or 'cool' enough to be with him, and poor Jasmine's heart would be broken once again.

"I really think I might have a chance with this one, Izzy!"

"Um...great! Good luck!" I replied distractedly.

"Hey, what's up?" She frowned a little at me. "You seem...distracted?"

"It's nothing. I'm just gonna go... help some people. I'm in that kinda mood."

"Ohhhh right, I get it." She winked at me, then carried on with her Art project. She is the only person who knows my secret. I have the power to see how people are feeling through colours. I'll look at them, and the colour that glows from them reveals their emotions.

I focused my powers, then looked around the room. There were the usual colours, yellow for happiness, grey for boredom, light blue for calm. I saw a few darker blues, which represented sadness. Then a very dark purple caught my eye. Cautiously, I walked over to the girl who the dark purple was coming from. She was shaking slightly, and looked incredibly insecure. Her name was Jess.

I talked to Jess for a while, not asking what was wrong, but taking her mind off her fear. She told me briefly what was wrong, and I kept talking to her and reassuring her until the deep purple had softened to a pretty lilac, meaning only a little worry or anxiety. Pleased, I walked back to my seat next to Jasmine.

After a few seconds of focusing on our art projects, Jasmine said "Wow. Who is that?"

Everyone in the room turned to look at her. There she was. Blonde hair, fair skin, red lips, tight uniform, designer bag. And black eyes. 'Blonde hair and black eyes...that's not something you see every day' I can remember thinking that. She looked over all of us, like we were slugs under a grimy rock All eyes were on her as she took her seat and the teacher explained that she was a new student called Emily who had transferred from the other side of London. Once the noise level had increased again, I leaned over to Jasmine and whispered "I don't think that we'll be friends with her." She nodded and replied "Sad, but true. Hey, why don't know." I smiled at the fact that we both knew exactly what the other meant. "Good idea."

I concentrated my powers and thoughts once more, and when I looked over at her, it took all I had not to gasp out loud. She was completely black, like a shadow, a silhouette. Except she was right there. I had never seen black before. I was clueless as to what it meant. She was different. There was something not right about all this. Little did I know that this little incident was about to unlock a whole new beginning, an adventure that I would never forget...

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