Did You Hear That? (A One Direction FanFiction)

It's game night for the band and the group of boys decide to play one of the most well known games. Truth or Dare. What starts off as a harmless game turns into much more. Strange things start to happen, noises are heard, furniture is moved. The boys are in for a ride.

"Did you hear that?"


1. Truth Or Dare?

The boys were all gathered around the living room of the home that they shared, snacks and drinks in front of them. Board games were set out on the floor waiting to be played. The lights were switched off,  they could still see though as they had multiple torches surrounding them, giving off small circles of light.

"What should we play first?" Harry asked as he looked at the selection of games that were set out in front of him. There were quite a few, enough to last a couple of hours. He always chose the first game but this time, he didn't know which one he wanted to play so he decided to ask the boys on there opinion.

Niall let out a laugh and pointed to Harry, "What? Has Harrold forgotten that we already planned what we were going to play first?" He asked, however Harry was not finding humor in the situation.

Harry looked down. He was slightly, embarrassed you could say, "No, I guess that nobody bothered to tell me" When he looked up, he noticed that Niall was still laughing. 

Louis noticed that Harry was rather embarrassed over his mistake and put a hand on Niall's shoulder, "Come on Nialler,  it wasn't that funny" He spoke, although he was having a hard time holding back a chuckle himself.

Niall smirked, "Yes it was" He said, clutching on to his sides.

"Calm down there" Liam said, taking a glance at the boys who too, agreed with him and though that Niall was taking things a bit out of proportion. It wasn't that funny. 

"Sorry" Niall said, finally calming down.

"So what are we playing?" Zayn asked, jumping into the conversation. "I wasn't told either" He said, his eyes locking with Harry's.

"Truth or Dare" Liam said, looking over at Harry.

Harry stiffened. He hated truth or dare. He hated it with a passion, or as he calls it, a fucking passion.  His palms began to sweat. He knew the boys had chosen it for that exact reason. Every time they play it, he would choose dare and then chicken out, meaning he either had to give up his turn or choose truth. This time however, he decided that he was going to be manly about it and take the dare he was given. He was positive.

"I'll start" Louis said and then looked at his answer, already knowing his answer.

"Dare" Harry stated, once again, confident with his choice. For now that was.

"Ugh, Harry..." Liam groaned in frustration. "Don't start this again.

Harry chuckled at Liam's lack of enthusiasm towards the game, "Don't worry, I am going to take what I get this time" He said, looking back at Louis.

"Okay, good" Louis said, rubbing his hands together. He had the perfect dare. "I dare you... to drink out of the toilet bowl" He said with a laugh.

"What?!? No!" Harry exclaimed in surprise, he certainly was not expecting that type of dare. He took back what he said though when Louis and Liam glared at him. "Okay, Fine!" He said, letting out a huff and stand up.

He made his way to the bathroom, shortly followed by the boys, and sighed. He leaned over the toilet and let out a weak, fake, smile. "You are going to pay for this" He said to Louis who was chuckling away to himself.

Louis laughed, "Oh, I'm just finding this too funny" He said as he pushed Harry's head down the when he noticed that he wasn't drinking the water.

Harry lifted his head from the toilet for a second, "I'm drinking it!" He exclaimed before putting his head back down, drinking tiny drops of the water until the boys were satisfied. Or rather, until Louis was satisfied.

Suddenly, the lights went house. The house went quite. Nobody dared to make a move. Nobody dared to say a sound.

There was a knock on the bathroom door in which Zayn had shut for no reason at all.

"Did you hear that?"

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