forever young (zayn malik love story)

(ok so once i did do a love story about him but i deleted it but i won't delete this one) hello lovely's

names Liliana Higgins. but call me lily

yes my dad is Paul Higgins.

but i never get to see him cause my parrent's cause i live with my mom in Norway.

yes i speak Norwegian.

um yeah i just turned 15 last week woop woop!!!!!!

and my favorite Red

i have one dog named Romeo he's a puppy now hes a beagel

i love to sing and dance and LOVE TO DRAW i'm actually in Cheer leading at my school

i don't let anyone know i sing besides my two best friends Tony and Ashleigh

yeah i'm in theater and in choir at my school but i don't get solos cause i have terrible stage fright

actually none as the rich one in the school but i'm not even that popular i mean i have 2 friends they call us the 3 musketeers at school

i do have a british accent but most of the time i'm not speaking english

my mom is actually none fore being a famouse brain surgeon or something like that


4. chapter 4


I woke up to Romeo licking my face as usual. 
i put him on the ground and tried to get up but ended up failing. 

i look to the other side of me to see a shirtless Zayn with his arms that seamed to snake over my stomach. 

I did not no if i should wake him up or just stay there in his strong safe arms while Lily what are you saying as girlfriend remember. 

as i argued with myself on what to do i tried gently moving his arms away, but i just ended up getting closer to him . 

then i heard the door click open to see liam. he saw me and just smiled like an idiot. 

" are you just gonna stand there smiling like and idiot or are you going to help me" i wispered/yelled. 

"oh......sorry" he said as he came over to the bed and gently trying to get zayn off me. after a few yanks i was out. 

I got up, and looked at liam "thank you" i said, 

" you no you liked it" he said smiling like an idiot again.

i glared at him and said "don't make me go all Harry Potter on you" i said. 

his smile slowly faided away. "now what do you wan't" i asked? 

" well niall is hungry and paul or your dad wants to know if you guys wan't to come with" he asked? 

"well i geuss but your waking up zayn while i get dressed" i said. 

he just smiled and nodded and went to zayn as i went to the bathroom and got changed in this 

i came out to see Liam still trying to get Zayn up.

he looked at me and said"a little help please". 


he shot up"YOU WHATTTTT" he yelled. 

" just kidding...but hey it got you up" i said 

he glared at me and got up and wen't to the bathroom to get dressed......after like 3 minuts he came out dressed and ready. 

we walked out and saw my i decided to jump on his back. 

"piggy back ride..just like old times right daddy" i said in a cheerful voice.

Niall started to laugh. 

"good morning to you to Lily" he said. then he put me down. 

" well your a grump pants in the morning" i said as they all walked into the elevator but me. 

"well Lily are you coming or not" Louis asked? 

" i'm good with stairs" i said as i turned around slowly and walking away. 

"oh no you don't" a fimiliar voice said and picked me up  and just by him picking me up i could tell it was Zayn. he then whispered"you got get over this some way or another and its not ignoring it". 

is voice was so dreamy and cold it put tingles every were up and down my spine as he said that through my ear. 

he then dragged me into elevator as it started to go down.
i held on to the railing really tight that my nuckels were turning as white as a ghost. 

Liam noticed and whispered to me "calm down" he said . 

i let go as i started to calm down and the doors opened and i rushed out first. 

" AGIAN WE ALMOST DIED IN THERE" i said being a little to dramatic. 

and all of them started to laugh. 

" don't you think your being a little to dramatic" Harry said. 

"no durrrr" i said. as we walked out to the lobby to see hundreds of screaming girls outside the hotel. 

"should i say my remarks before i die" i whispered to Louis. he chukeld slightly. 

" nahhh i think you will do fine i mean just jump on your dads back again" he said.

i smiled at him.

" Lily..stay at Liam's and Zayn's side the whole in tire time" my dad said. 

i did what he said in between both of them as zayn held my hand and liam did the same. 

putting my fuzzy hat on while hearing the cruel remarks to me. 


all i could hear i noticed that Zayn was holding my hand tighter. i looked at him and he looked like he was gonna murder one of his fans. 

he calmed down once we got into the van i sat next to zayn as i looked out the window as single wet tear came down my cheek. zayn noticed and started to hold my hand again making sure i knew that everything was going to be ok.

i started to cry more remembering why i'm in this situation anyways.  everyone knows i can't handle hate a cursing hurt words against me. 

Zayn noticed that i was crying more, so he grabbed me by the waist and bringing me closer letting me rest my head on his shoulder. 

"please don't cry...i.i.i love you" he said were only i could hear him. 

did he just say what i think he said did he say that he loved me no he couldint he has a girlfriend or did he say it in a sisterly brotherly way. 

we finally pulled up to a nice little restruant. i whiped away the tears as we got out and into the place. 
"velkommen" (welcome) a lady said.

"takk. og tabell for 7 vennligst" i said she nodded and got us a table (thank you table for 7 please). 

"here are your menus..and i'll be back to take your order" the lady said.

" i did not no you could speak yeddish" Louis said. 

o laughed at his comment. " yes and its called Norwegian" i corrected him. 

"well same thing" he said. 

i was sitting next to Liam and zayn across from me and hungry niall on the other side of me.


After they ate as you noticed i never eat and i don't care. 

yeah the boys were worried mostly Zayn. 

well me and Zayn were in are hotel room. 

"Lily.....yesturday when you sang why did you not tell me you could sing" that shoked me knowing i thought he did not know. 

" you saw" i said. he nodded as he went to my guitar case and taking it out for me to play for him. 

"can you show me again please" he asked? 

i nodded not really wanting to sing in front of anyone  

as i started to strung i sang 

i looked up to see him with his jaw to the floor. 

"your amazing why did you not tell anyone" he said. 

"because" i said. ould i trust him could i trust him on the reason why i don't sing in front of anyone no not yet. 

"why" he asked? 

" i just want to go to bed i've had a bad day" i told him. 

" i understand" he said sweetly while smiling. 

i wen't to the bathroom and took a shower when i came out i changed into this

i came out of the bathroom to find i'm alone i grabbed my phone and checked twitter. just to find more hate. 

hate hate hate hate hate hate hate. i could not take it and ended up crying i watched as Romeo curled into a ball on the floor . i turned off the lamp and cryed in the dark. 

i felt strong arms hold on to my waist as they let me cry in there chest 

" i told you not to listen to them" i could tell it was zayn. as i fell asleep in his arms.

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