forever young (zayn malik love story)

(ok so once i did do a love story about him but i deleted it but i won't delete this one) hello lovely's

names Liliana Higgins. but call me lily

yes my dad is Paul Higgins.

but i never get to see him cause my parrent's cause i live with my mom in Norway.

yes i speak Norwegian.

um yeah i just turned 15 last week woop woop!!!!!!

and my favorite Red

i have one dog named Romeo he's a puppy now hes a beagel

i love to sing and dance and LOVE TO DRAW i'm actually in Cheer leading at my school

i don't let anyone know i sing besides my two best friends Tony and Ashleigh

yeah i'm in theater and in choir at my school but i don't get solos cause i have terrible stage fright

actually none as the rich one in the school but i'm not even that popular i mean i have 2 friends they call us the 3 musketeers at school

i do have a british accent but most of the time i'm not speaking english

my mom is actually none fore being a famouse brain surgeon or something like that


3. chapter 3

Lily's POV 

i woke up to Romeo barking at the door. i attempted to get up to only to be pulled back down bye strong arms. for some reason i wanted to stay in them.....i looked to see it was Zayn..he was still a sleep awww he's so cute when he's sleeping. what am i saying. 

" zayn...let go of me" i whispered..hearing the person Knocking none stop.  

he just hold me tighter..i felt like i was going to melt in his arms why? idk. 

" Zayn" i whispered/yelled..!!!..  

he then opened his eyes. and let go. " oh..sorry" he said while blushing and looking away. i had a confused look on my face and just got up to answer the door. 

to reveal a dressed Liam." ughgh it's just you" i said closing the door, only to be stopped with his foot. 

" well good morning to you to" he says. 

as i start to wake up, " sorry i'm not a morning person" i said. 

" i can tell" he said 

"oh well Zayn's asleep" i said, he nodded and wen't over to were zayn was. 

" Zayn mate wake up" he said shaking him lightly. 

" 5 more minutes" Zayn said throwing a pillow at him.  

" no you have to get up now" Liam said.

no response " ZAYYYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNN" i screamed as loud as i could!!!

he jumped up as fast as he could. " why scream so loud" he said. 

" because you would not get dressed" i said, as i just noticed he was shirtless showing off his great body...damn he got ABS 

i noticed he went to the bathroom..cause Liam was waving his hand in front of my face. " huh..oh um sorry" i said, while blushing.

" i know that like him as in like like him" he said. 

" no i don't" i said 

" yeah you totally don't like him..i mean it sure looked like it while you were staring at him while biting your lip..then blushing" he exclaimed. 

" your lucky he did not notice...and you no he has a girlfriend right" he added. 

" yes i did know...that's why i'm trying not to like him" i say. 

"who" Zayn said walking out of the bathroom dressed and ready.

 " um..Justin Bieber" i say. 

" ok well were leaving so if you need anything you no who to be safe if you invite anyone make sure they don't tell any one were we are..and yeah call room servos if you get hungry ok" Zayn said. 

" ok" i said. as he smiled and they left . i then grabbed some clothes....and took a quik shower once i was done...i changed into this [polyvore] and let my hair go natural. 

i then grabbed my phone and called Tony and Ash into a 3 way call.   

" hello" the both said. 

" get your lazy ass but's over to the 5 star Norway hotel this instant"  i demanded 

" why?" they both said. 

" because i miss you... oh and go to floor 5 and go to room 12453 k" i told them 

" aww i miss you to" ash said..." yea yea what ever will be there" tony said. 

" k love you bye" i said " we love you you to" they said at the same they disconnect. 


after about like 20 min's i hear some one knock on the door...i go to the door and opened it to see a ash and Tony ... 

"yay" i said while pulling them in. 

guess what i brought the camera if you wanna make a video" Ash said. 

"how about we make one right now" i said...and they both nodded i got my guitar out and they turned the camera on.

" is it recording" i asked? as they both nodded" ok hi you guys well i would just like to play for you so here it goes" i say and start to play..........

~~~~~~~ZAYN"S POV

i was about to unlock the door to the hotel room when i hear some girl singing.

" hey mate..what are you doing" the boys say i shshsh them and then we all put are ears on the door. "what are you boys doing" paul said "shshshs" we all said. as he put his ear on the door to.

i craked the door to see Lily singing and playing the guitar 

are jaws dropped. "she's amazing" Paul said. 

i then quickly closed the door and pretended to open the door.


after i was done tony stopped recording and i hear a door being unlock so i quickly put my guitar away and hide the camera....the door slowly opened to revel my dad and the boys..

" oh hey lily Tony and Ashleigh" my dad said.    

we all said hi. " so what were you guys doing" Zayn asked? 

" oh you know just talking" i said.   

"ok" he said sitting on the bed. 

" well it was nice seeing you guy..we love you lily but we got to go" ash said as she grabbed the camera" i'll upload it later tonight" she whispered in my ear. as her and Tony left. 

and so did the boys and my dad all i was left with was Zayn. " well are you hungry at all" he asked? 

"no i'm fine..i think i'll just call it a night" i said as he nodded. i grabbed some close and went to the bathroom...and coming out in to my pjs as i climed into my side of the bed. and zayn did the same. 

" good night" he said. 

" Night" i said as he turned the lamp off and i slowly drifted to sleep. 

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