forever young (zayn malik love story)

(ok so once i did do a love story about him but i deleted it but i won't delete this one) hello lovely's

names Liliana Higgins. but call me lily

yes my dad is Paul Higgins.

but i never get to see him cause my parrent's cause i live with my mom in Norway.

yes i speak Norwegian.

um yeah i just turned 15 last week woop woop!!!!!!

and my favorite Red

i have one dog named Romeo he's a puppy now hes a beagel

i love to sing and dance and LOVE TO DRAW i'm actually in Cheer leading at my school

i don't let anyone know i sing besides my two best friends Tony and Ashleigh

yeah i'm in theater and in choir at my school but i don't get solos cause i have terrible stage fright

actually none as the rich one in the school but i'm not even that popular i mean i have 2 friends they call us the 3 musketeers at school

i do have a british accent but most of the time i'm not speaking english

my mom is actually none fore being a famouse brain surgeon or something like that


2. chapter 2

Lily's POV 

I woke up to Romeo licking my face. 

" ewww Romeo" i said and put him down, i looked around my room for any signs that said stay here don't leave to london, nope nothing. 

i get up and headed to my closet. to find only one outfit that i left out for today. i then changed into a rose print sleeveless bound waist mini dress, a black head band with a bow on it, and a pair of black combat boots, with my glasses on.

and straighten my hair. 

ASHLEIGH AND TONY ARE HERE" i hear my mom yell! 

i then run down stairs to find sad faces. 

" Lily get you stuff ready and bring them down stairs your dad says he's almost here" she said, i then grabbed tony's and ashes arm and pulled them up. tony had a broken arm from yesterday so i did not want to hurt it.

we went to my room and started getting my stuff ready.  

" Lily do you have to go, i mean maybe my mom will let you stay with us" Ash said 

" i'm afraid so..but thanks for the offer" i said, while putting my guitar in it's case. 

" who's gonna help me from getting in trouble..or or  help me talk to a girl" Tony said. 

" Santa" i said sarcastically. they both 

" look i told you guys i will come and visit as much as i can and i'll even video chat and call you" i said 

" promise" they both said 

" i promise" i said while we did are hand shake 

" LILY YOUR DAD IS HERE" my mom yelled from down stairs 

" speak of the devil" i said as i carried one suitcase and guitar case, while the others took the last two. 

yep 3 suitcases what there huge and besides i can bye even more close. i looked at the front door to see my dad. i'm not a big fan of him. 

ya he's my dad but he does nothing for me. he took my suitcase and my guitar case while i took the last two from my friends. 

my dad then left to the car. " will miss you" Ash said while hugging me " don't for get us" tony said hugging me with one arm 

" i won't" i said 

" and don't replace me ok" Ash said 

" i promise" i said we were already outside next to the car, my dad took my bags and put them in the trunk. 

my dad then opened the passenger seat door and showed me to sit down so i did he then closed the door 

" BE SAFE YOU TWO" i said 

" NO PROMISES" they both said, my dad then started to drive. 

i then popped my headphones in preparing for a long drive apperntly one direction is performing in noreway so yeah  
i put romeo on my lap and started to pet him 


ok i'm not gonna lie huge fan of one direction as the song forever young came on, i started to hum along to it. 

" i did not you were a fan of them" my dad said, i only had one ear piece in  so i could hear him. 

"theres a lot you don't know about me" i said 

" ok what really happened in school" he asked? 

" none of your 
business" i told him, as we parked in front of a hotel. 

" ok you don't have to tell me..i'll get some the boys down to help you with your bags" he said, my eyes widened when he said that.

" and please don't make a big deal about them i don't want to block my own daughter from them ok" he said 

" i won't fangirl over them and besides i only like there music....and zayn" i mumbled the last part. he did not here me good, i picked up Romeo and hold him in my arms, as i watched Niall,and ZAYN FUCKING MALIK come down. then me and my dad got out of the car. 

" hi you must be, Lily, i'm niall" he said, bringing out his hand. i took and said 

" i know you are" i said  

" hi i'm zayn...and you probably know that" Zayn said i smiled and he took out his hand so i took it." and your dog is cute" he said 

" thanks" i said  

they then got my bags and my dad patted me on the back and pointing to the door, me knowing to follow him. 

" you will be staying with zayn ok" he whispered in my ear. 

" does he know that" i asked? 

" yes he does" he said, great just great sharing a hotel room with zayn malik thats a joy. 

as we finally got in an elevator 

" i am not going in an elevator" i told my dad 

" it's the only way" he said 

" why don't you like elevators" Niall asked me 

" cause what if it crashes while were in it and we die i'm to young to die" i said, they laughed at me 

" aren't there like stairs i can take" i asked? 

" just take the elevator" my dad said 

" fine but if i die i'm blaming you" i told him as i walked into the elevator. and it started i holed Romeo really close to me and grabbed a tight grip on the railing. 

" relax" Zayn told me. as the elevator doors opened and we all got out 

" we almost died in that thing" i told them, Niall just laughed at me. 

" all it did was take us to are destination" Niall said 

" and you must be Lily" i hered a voice behind me say, i turned around to see Harry, Louis, and liam. 

" Hi" i said 

" i like her's all joyful" Louis said 

"thank you..i think" i said 

" no it was a complement" he said, i just smiled at him. 

" well do we have to introduce are self's or do you already know us" Liam asked . 

" already know you" i said, he nodded. 

" Lily just follow Zayn, and he'll take you from there" my dad 

" your giving me away to some strange teenager i barely even know what a great father you are" i said sarcastically. every one laughed besides my dad. he glared at me. 

" ok going..i'm going" i said " who want's to carry Romeo" i said 

" who's Romeo" Harry asked 

" the random live breathing dog that i'm holding" i said 

" i'll hold him some people don't know how to take care of a dog right" Liam said looking at Louis and Harry, so i handed him romeo and the first thing that happens is Liam is getting licked on the face 

" by the way that ether means your face is dirty or he likes you" i said 

" i'm gonna say he likes me, cause it sounds better" he said 

i then followed Zayn to nice hotel room, as he put down my bags and i put down my other bags. 

" hope you don't mind if we share a bed" he said 

" it's fine" i said, he looked at me and smiled. i then gave a smile back. 

" can i ask you something" he asked? 

" you just did" i said 

" no i mean you no" he said. i then sat next to him on the bed 

" go head" i said 

" what really happened at school i mean i know just by looking at you that you would never do that" he asked? 

" oh my dad told you...well my Friend tony, he was just getting stuff out of his locker when out of no were he was threatend to get beaten up bye these to guys name jack and matt. so i went over there to stop this has happen before...anyways they told me to move so i told them no then victoria whos a bitch to every one told me to move and called me a slut and really shes the slut so i told her that says the one who did not make it in to cheer cause her but was so fucking huge she then got into my face and told me to go back to were i came from so i told her at least i dont sleep with every guy in the school she then slapped me so punched her in the face then i slammed her against the locker then the priciple came matt and jack told him that they were just heading to class when they just started beating us and yeah pretty much it" i exclaimed. 

" so technically you were just saving your friend and using self defence" he said 

" yep" i said 

" wow she does sound like a bitch" he said i giggeld a little 

" and fights like a girl" i said then we both busted out laughing . when Louis barged in. 

" time to sleep sleepy heads" he said, i raised an eye brow at him" what Zayn has a big day tomorrow so he has to oh and here your dog" he said while putting Romeo on the bed. and went straight to Zayn

" ah how rude i raised you and you go off to someone else" i say 

" what can i say they love me" Zayn said Louis then left. 

" what ever helps you sleep at night" i said " weres the bathroom" i said, he then pionted to the direction i grabbed some clothes and went to get dressed when i was done i got dressed in a tweety sleep wear and did my natural curls  and left the bathroom. 

" you get dressed fast" Zayn said, as i put my clothes in my suit case. 

" i ust to take forever but then you kinda have to when you have gym and cheer to worry about" i said 

" your in cheer" he asked? 

" yep..well not any more since i don't go to school"i said, as i turned around to zayn already dressed, and him playing with my dog. 

" so how come out of know were your hair is straight but then it's curly" he said 

" i straighten my hair to day this is my natural hair " i said 

i then sat down on my side of the bed. " well good night, and were does your dog sleep" he asked/said?

" here" i said, as i picked Romeo up and put him on the couch while he cureld up to some blanket. 

" there well good night" i said 

" night" as he turned the lamp of and went to sleep 

i slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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