Cinderella Story

17 year old orphan Maryanne thought that the only people in her life that she loved were the orphans... little did she know that there came a special boy into her life who would mean so much more.


6. Starbucks




Once we reached the coffee shop Justin asked me what I wanted, I just wanted a choclate chip cookie because I dont drink coffee and im not all that hungry. As Justin was waiting for his coffee, I went and picked out a table for the both of us. I heard footsteps and turned my head to see a teenage boy walking over to me.

"Hi, im Jason" He smiled. He's cute but not like Justin.

"Im Meaghan" I smiled back, I really hope Justin comes soon.

"So whats a pretty lady like you sitting here all alone?" Hes starting to get on my nerves, I mean hes nice and all but im not intrested.

"Uhm im actually here with a friend", I said as nodded my head towards Justin, he turned around and looked shocked.

"Your here with Justin Bieber?" THATS Justin Bieber? Ive heard a couple things about him from Samantha but nothing much. I nodded my head and he mumbled something under his breath and left, but I chose to ignore it. A couple seconds later Justin sat down and handed me my cookie.

"Thanks Justin" I smiled.

"for what?"

"Taking me out of the house, and for this cookie". He chuckled at the sight of me getting really excited over my cookie. If you havent already noticed I'm INLOVE with food.

"No problem shawty" he winked and I just giggled slighty.

"Now, tell me about yourself Meaghan" Justin said.

"Alright uhm, my names Meaghan, my mom died when I was born and my dad commited suicide because he couldnt cope with my mom's death, so i was raised in a poor orphanage. My birthday was what? yesturday? Yeah. Uhh.. my favourite colour is purple, I love to go shopping.. well ever since yesturday I have. Anything else you wanna know?" He smiled and showed a little simpathany. To be totally honest, I dont need any of it. I got over the fact that my parents died and 18 years later im here.

"what kind of music do you like?" Ha now i know why he asked me that, hes Justin Bieber teen heart throb.

"Uhm i never grew up listening to music but Samantha was listening to a song called As Long As You Love Me yesturday and I really liked it". It truly is a good song, I just forgot who sings that.

"Oh really?" He asked.

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah why?"

"You know who sings that?" He asked me.

"Sam told me yesturday, but i forget who does, oh and heads up im a VERY forgetful person".

He laughed a little and said "I can tell". I laughed and ate some of my cookie.

"So tell me about yourself Justin".

"Well uhm, I'm Justin Bieber, teen hearthrob singing sensation. Im 18 years old, I love to sing and dance. I grew up in Stratford Ontario, my mom and dad divorced when I was 10 months old. I have a step brother and step sister named Jazzy and Jaxon. Uhm.. I love the colour purple and I sing the song As Long As You Love Me". Hmm explains his Canadian ascent.

"Well Mr.Bieber im inlove with your song".

"thanks oh and meaghan?" He flashed me this smile that made my heart pound out of my chest.

"Yeah Justin?" I smiled a little and continued with my cookie.

"Where are you from? You have an amazing ascent".  He smiled.

"Im from London, England. British acsent".

He was about to say something when my phone started ringing.

"Sorry Justin, its Sam.I gotta take this". He nodded his head while I clicked accept.

"Hey Sam", "hey meaghster where are you?", "Im at.. I think its Starbucks with Justin why?", "we need to get you a dress, can you give the phone to Justin?"

I handed the phone to Justin and all he said was "ok" and hung up.

"Im gonna drop you off at some fancy store, ready to go?" He asked. What? Sam made him do that?

"Im sorry Justin". He looked at me like I was crazy.

"Why are you sorry about?" He asked.

"Sams making you drive me to a drressy store and I was having alot of fun".

He chuckled and said "Hey its no problem Meag, and we could always do this again". I nodded and smiled.

"Meag give me your phone for a sec" I asked no questions and handed him my phone. He typed something in and handed it back. I looked at my phone and he added his number. He stood up and took my hand, I dont know if its just me, but i felt something. I blushed and we left Starbucks, he opened the car door for me like a gentlemen.

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