Cinderella Story

17 year old orphan Maryanne thought that the only people in her life that she loved were the orphans... little did she know that there came a special boy into her life who would mean so much more.


4. It's you.

It was getting pretty late so I decided to head off to bed. I said my goodnights to the staff here and Samantha. I forgot to mention that Samantha is rich she has a staff which I've gotten to know, there's George, Sandra and Cassandra. I soon drifted off into dreamland thinking about how i could go from so poor to now, I know this is just the beginning but I'm willing to take any Challenge that comes my way. I'm a fighter, I'm not the follower; I'm the leader. 


i was sitting in a garden with some boy who had chocolate brown eyes that could make you melt with the most amazing hazel brown hair. We were both laughing and talking. He had an Canadian ascent which I'm assuming and he was perfect in my eyes, they way he dressed with swag, just something about him made me so happy and feel so safe and as I'm the only girl; just us. As we were talking he gave me a flower and started leaning in. 


"sweetie it's time to wake up, we have to go shopping. The MMVA's are tomorrow" 

i groaned knowing I couldn't get back to my dream. But I knew that; that boy from my dream was something more than just a friend and I needed to find him. 

I sat up and got out of bed. I took a quick shower and dressed into my black jeggings with a white crop top that was long in the back and short in the front it had some black designs but I wasn't in the mood to dress fancy - like. I brushed my hair and decided to leave it natural. I put a bit of mascara and some lip gloss but nothing big because you should know I'm not all that into makeup. I quickly ran downstairs almost tripping over the last 3 steps, but didnt cuz I'm just that ninja. 

"Alright I'm ready" I spoke up, she was on a phone which I know is not here because Samantha's is black and that iPhone is white. 

"Here sweetie, this is yours". Samantha said as she threw me my new phone. 

We were about to leave when the bell rang. 

"I will get it Sam". I ran to the door only to find him. The boy from my dream. 





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