Cinderella Story

17 year old orphan Maryanne thought that the only people in her life that she loved were the orphans... little did she know that there came a special boy into her life who would mean so much more.


7. Dress shopping.

Justin turned on the radio and ofcourse.. As Long As You Love Me was on.. I looked at Justin and he was smiling, I started singing along and so did Justin, it was a fun ride, we were laughing and talking the whole ride.

'Meag can I ask you something?" He turned the volume down a bit and turned kinda serious.

"Yeah ofcourse, what is it Justin?" He looked kinda nervous.. What if he tells me, hes an alien. What? alien? really meaghan? just shutup with your thoughts and listen to his question.

"I know, we just met like 2 hours ago, but can you be my date for the MMVA'S tomorrow?" He asked, his eyes were hopeful and i can tell his thoughts were 'say YES! SAY YES!'

"Id love too" He smiled and he and turned his attention back to the road, once we got to some fancy dress shop, papparazi were here..

"Thanks Justin, see ya tomorrow" I kissed his cheek and went into the fancy store. When I walked in, I saw Samantha holding a couple dresses.

"Hey sam" She jumped a little but once she saw me she gave me a hug.

"Hey sweety, how was your date?" did she say date? That was not a date.. was it?

"It wasnt a date Sam, and it was really fun actually! Oh and Justin asked me to go with him to the MMVA's tomorrow, is it ok if I go with him?" I seriously hope she says yes, I already told Justin I was going with him.

"Sure sweety, hes a really nice guy eh?"

"Yeah he really is, so what you got there" I pointed to the dresses.

"These.. you are trying these on". She handed me the dresses and we both went to the fitting room. The first dress I tried on was black, it went just above my knees, it flowed down perfectly. I loved every single part of it. I walked out of the dressing room and once Sam saw me her jaw dropped.

"You look.. stunning. No scratch that you look perfect".

"but is the colour ok? should I get a white one?"

"Hun, this.. this is perfect".

"Thanks so much Sam".

I went back to change into my normal clothes and Sam bought the dress.. I wouldve paid for it.. but i have no money.

Once I bought the dress Sam took me to a shoe store.. I think its called Aldo? But I found the prettiest purple heels ever, and they had some clutches so I bought a purple one to go with my shoes. After we finished shopping Sam took me home and I decided to text Justin.

Hey Justin (; its Meaghan

I hit send and not long after I got a text from Justin.

Justinn; Hey Meaghan! did you find a dress?

Me; Yuup! Justin can I ask you something?

Justin: Sure

Me: Am I gonna be taller than you tomorrow? since im wearing heels??

Justin; Lol depends on how tall your heels are shawty, but im sure your going to look great :P

Me; True and thanks Justin

Justin; No problem, i gotta go to the studio! see ya @8 tomorrow! Bye shawty

Me; Byee Justin



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