Cinderella Story

17 year old orphan Maryanne thought that the only people in her life that she loved were the orphans... little did she know that there came a special boy into her life who would mean so much more.


2. Dedicated

A big smile formed on her face, I'm not going to lie I am a bit nervous.. I know nothing about this woman and shes going to become my legal guardian. "H-hi", that's all I could manage, I was so lost on words. "Maryanne, this is Samantha, please go pack hun your leaving tonight". I slowly nodded and made my way to my room. I got my suitcase from under my bed and began packing my things. It didn't take to long, I didnt have too many things just some clothes, toothbrush, and my curling iron. I sighed... knowing this is my last time ever coming back, I headed downstairs to see Samantha. "That was fast" Samantha said with a smile. "Yeah well, i dont have too many things just some stuff" She nodded and took my suitcase, "ready to go?" I wonder where she will be taking me. "Yeah, can i just say goodbye to everyone first?" I couldn't leave without saying goodbye. She nodded, "ofcourse take your time hun" She's really sweet, and she wont stop smiling.



I just got into the plane and sat in the window seat with Samantha beside me. "Samantha, where are we going?" I am starting to wonder WHERE am I going? "We are going to Atlanta, California hun" Yes! A smile spread across my face and I kicked my legs in the air sqeauling, I have always wanted to go to California! Samantha chuckled a bit. "So Maryanne, tell me about yourself". "Well Sam, my mum died when i was born, my father couldnt handle being a single parent so he committed suicide, ive been in the adoption center for 18 years, todays my birthday, my favourtie colour is purple, I LOVE shopping even thought ive never actually gone shopping before, Uhh.. yeah thats all.. now tell me about yourself?"

"Well hun, I'm a model, everyone in California basically knows me, im going to take you shopping right when we land, I love Justin Bieber, my favourtie colour is pink, I'm 25, annd you will find out so much more soon!" Did she say Justin Bieber? "Who's Justin Bieber?". "Hes a internation teen-hearthrob sensation, oh I will totally get you too to meet soon!" I just nodded, wait is he cute? "Is he cute?" She nodded her head really fast and gave me the 'duh-did-you-really-just-ask-that' look. "Hes more then cute" Wow.. "Someones obsessed" She really does seem obsessed. "Im not obsessed hun, im dedicated".

*Attention passangers, please put on your seat belts we will be landing shortly*




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