Cinderella Story

17 year old orphan Maryanne thought that the only people in her life that she loved were the orphans... little did she know that there came a special boy into her life who would mean so much more.


3. chapter 3.

We soon both got off the plane. Their was a sign with the name 'Anderson'. I'm pretty sure that was Sam's or mine or- "Olly please taking us too the biggest mall in Cali" Hmm.. Olly.. Nice name? He- or should I say Olly nodded his head.. I started chuckling to myself.. Olly. "Something funny miss?" I just shook my head and Sam started chuckling and headed toward the limo.. wait limo? "Sam, this is a limo?" That came out more of a question than of a fact. "Get used to it hun, this is all your going to be riding in". I just nodded my head. This is all a dream.




Shopping was so much fun! I bought more then 30 outfits, 50 pairs of shoes, about 9onz of make up! And so much more! We were finally home and I just wanted too see my room, I think Sam was a mind reader because she had this look.  "Ready to see your room?" And i was right she can read minds,  "Yes" Im so anxious, I just wanna see what it looks like.  "Close your eyes", I nodded and shut my eyes, she held onto my shoulders, i guess to lead me to my room or just dor a dramatic effect thing. I heard a door open which must be to my room, she let go of my shoulders, and took a deep breath. "Alright, open". I opened my eyes.. and just.. just.. wow.. this room is PERFECT. "Sam.. this room.. this is just, perfect. Thank you so much". The walls were purple, my king sized bed with dark purple covers my dressers and desk were a perfect shade of white, the whole room had to be bigger then a master bedroom, because their were stairs leading somewhere. I gave her a look about the stairs and she grabbed my head and gave me the 'follow me look'. I went upstairs to see the BIGGEST closet of all time with everything that I bought today in it. I looked at Sam, she was smiling and she knew I loved every bit of this. "Sam this is perfect, thank you so much!" Just think, this morning I was with my litle monsters.. oh how i missed them. But now its just me and Samantha.  



Hey guys! I can't think of any chapter names.. soo uhm hoped you liked this one. Sorry its short and I havent been updating, I just didnt think you liked it, aha but dont worry Justin is coming either in the next chapter or chapter 5..but dont worry hes coming. (;

Thanks again!





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