Cinderella Story

17 year old orphan Maryanne thought that the only people in her life that she loved were the orphans... little did she know that there came a special boy into her life who would mean so much more.


1. My Wish Came True.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARYANNE". My little monsters woke me up. You see, my parents died when I was a couple months old, and so I was sent to this orphanage. Todays my 18th birthday and I want nothing more then to just be adopted by a loving family. Don't get me wrong, I love this orphange, it wasn't abusive or anything like that, we were just very poor. "Wake up bubbles". The kids at the orphange call me bubbles, I call them my little monsters. I sat up straight and Sarah was holding a small cupcake with a candle in it. I made a wish and blew out the candle, I wished; that someone so loving and so caring would adopt me. They all ran out of the room and just seconds later came back with a small box. "Guys, you didnt have to get me anything.. really" They really didnt, i mean all I really wanted was to be adopted. "Just open it", these kids always know how to make my day 10x better, I opened the box and there was a beautiful amazing charm bracelet, it had all these beautiful amazing charms on it. "This is so, but howd you-" I was so lost on words. "Weve been saving for years" Sarah smiled and she give me a big hug. "Alright now go get ready for school", just because I was a british orphan doesnt mean I stay home 24/7.

The kids got out of my room, I washed up and put on a purple blouse with my skinny jeans, I curled my hair with a curlur I got for my 15th birthday. As soon as i finished making myself look descent, i picked up my backpack and headed out off to school. I got to school and opened the door, i took a couple steps and I was nervous, im not sure why because ive been coming here for 4 years, but i dont care. I took the books out of my locker and rushed my way into class. It seemed almost forever until class started and the bell finally rang. 5 minutes into class and there was a page. Maryanne Hanna make her way to the princaples office please. Why was I being paged? What did I do? I made my way down to the princles office and the first person I saw was Sarah? Sarah?

"Sarah?" She grabbed my hand and rushed me out of the school. "Sarah?" I looked worried,  something happened I just knew it. I walk into the orphange to see a 25 year olded women. "Hi" She smiled so sweetly, "Hi" I said softly. "Maryanne, this is Samantha, shes going to be your new guardian" Sarah smiled, my wish finally came true.

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