Dear, Dumb Diary

About a middle chooled girl who tells about her school, favorite band, and also about her friend and past.


2. My Birthday

The reason I bring up this story is that my birthday is coming up soon, and this one is going to be very different from "Broken arm birthday." (Or, as it is also known, "Swaer-swear-swaer-nose swaer birtthday.")

It's going to be the best bithday ever because I'm only asking for music, and I'm pretty sure Dad won't try to swap in a pogo stick or anyof the oher dangerous substituations he's attemted over the years.  My guess: gift certificate.

Plus, this year I was prepared. My parents are old and there for only like music that was recorded befor people got good at it, but I made it very clean that MY favorite music and not theirs.

Also-BONUS!- they said I could have a party, and figuring out who you want to invite and exclude is super-fun.

Birthdy past, what I asked for A kaoala bear, what I received a teddy bear, what I asked for a narwhal, what I recieved a sardine with a toothpick in it's head (thanks, Isabella), what I asked for six-inch heels, what I recieved A lecture from Dad.

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