Dear, Dumb Diary

About a middle chooled girl who tells about her school, favorite band, and also about her friend and past.



Sunday 01

Dear Dumb Diary,

One year I asked for a puppy for my birthday, but my dad got me a pogo stick instead. I went out to the driveway to try it out, but i fell ad broke my wrist. When we got back from the emergency room, my dad fet so bad thathe ent out and bought me a puppy.


I was so happy I threw my arms wide open to give the puppy a hug and accidently hit my dad in the face with my cast and broke his nose. When he got back from the emergency room, I tried to make him feel better by being outside in the driveway playing with the pogo stick, but I was even clumsier with my cast on and I lost controle of it again. At least that time I didn't fall and break anything.

Bit I did put a six-inch scratch on him new car!!


Soon the puppy decayed into the lumpy, toadish bucket of unpleasentness we know as Stinker, who recently fathered a smaller vision of his stinky self we know as Stinkette. The pogo stick remainds unused in the garbage sales. Dad never got the scratch fixed, and his nose still makes an awful noise when he snores.

The moral of his birthday story is this: Getting what you ask for can be the worst thing that ever happended to you, Also, not getting it can be the worst.


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