Traumatic Times

The industrial revolution is all around me. Filled with hunger, torture and suffering. One day I hope to escape from this hell. My name is Erin and this is my story.


4. Reborn

I ran until I could run no longer. I hadn’t gotten far when my legs gave way. I lay on the cobbles with my legs bent in ways they weren’t meant to go.

My vision became blurred and I could hear the blood pounding in my veins. But little did I know that my blood wouldn’t be pumping for much longer. I could hear footsteps slowly coming towards me. The slight clicking of knees as the stranger knelt right beside my neck.

The next thing I felt was a sudden surge of pain. It was as if fire had entered my veins. My body started to shake uncontrollably; it felt like the pain was never going to stop. But just before it did, I could feel a single tear slide down the side of my cheek and drip on to the pavement beneath me.

And then blackout…

I must have been laying there for hours because, when my eyes finally decided to re-open, it was broad daylight. Then I realised, I had finally escaped from the hell that had imprisoned me.

My bones felt stronger, my muscles felt bigger, I seemed more awake, more aware. My mouth was dry, but I didn’t need water, I needed blood. I wanted blood. My mouth felt strange, it felt as though I had a few extra teeth. I looked in the reflection of a small, measly puddle. My eyes widened at the sight that has haunted me for forever. Sitting at the very front of my mouth were two enormous fangs. These fangs were as sharp as daggers, ready to dig into an innocent human being.

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