Traumatic Times

The industrial revolution is all around me. Filled with hunger, torture and suffering. One day I hope to escape from this hell. My name is Erin and this is my story.


1. Occupation: Killing

Darkness. That is what I see. The people that walk around London with a purpose to fill, they don’t inspire me. The only thing that keeps me going through the hard and dark times is blood. The blood that pumps around your body, not mine. The blood that drips off my fangs and trickles out at the corner of my lips.

I feel that life throws whatever it can at you. I wish, just for once, that I could be normal. But I can’t because I’m 263 years old and my name is Erin. Occupation: well, it’s mostly killing.

I mostly look down when I walk so people don’t see the shadows in my eyes shifting from one subject to another. My hair is black, my clothes are black and my eyes are black. But when something takes my fancy they turn bright orange. Then suddenly, I strike!

Here is the story of how I was born, when all the life was sucked out of me and was replaced by darkness.

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