Traumatic Times

The industrial revolution is all around me. Filled with hunger, torture and suffering. One day I hope to escape from this hell. My name is Erin and this is my story.


5. My Life

I have been on the run ever since that frightful day. Trying to quench my thirst, but it has never come to that. I have had my eye, and my fangs, on a particular human. Tall, dark-haired, blue eyes. He looks alright, pure. But I’d kill him as soon as I ask for his name. I wish I could get to know people better, but not so well that I rip them from their soul. I wish I had a family, but I’d probably kill them too. I’m alone, alone in the world. And always will be/

Welcome to the world that I have to live in. Which is to last for all eternity…

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