Traumatic Times

The industrial revolution is all around me. Filled with hunger, torture and suffering. One day I hope to escape from this hell. My name is Erin and this is my story.


2. An Industrial Wreck

Before I began, I was a normal teenager. The year was 1762. The year of the Industrial Revolution as some people may call it. I was just fifteen years old and I was working in one of the harshest factories in all of Britain. Well, I thought so.

Some people may have called me the duff one, the bad egg, but I didn’t care. I just wanted my life to end. I’ll tell you why. I was beaten with a whip every few hours. I was whipped to go faster; I was whipped to get out of bed. But worst of all, when my shoulders dislocated from the weight of the baskets, I was whipped to carry on. I was beaten so much because I never did what I was told. Why should I?

Every time my eyes started to droop from the lack of sleep, my head was dunked into the freezing cold water of the factory cistern. But as the days rolled over, I noticed I was getting weaker. More and more frequently, my head was being plunged into liquid darkness. The so called ‘supervisor’, noticed that I was sick. So he shoved me into a different part of the factory isolated from the other workers, and forced me to work harder.

I tried again and again to run away and never see the blessed factory again. But somehow, they always found me. As a punishment the supervisor would tie weights to my neck and make me walk around for everyone to see. This resulted in severe back and neck problems, which would never be healed again.

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