Love again?

Luce is a sixteen year old girl her parents died when she was just a little girl, she lived with only her brother in London. Luce was always kind of lonely because her brother was always of with some girl, he was never there for his little sister. Until Luce met Natan, she fell madly in love with him and he with her. they were very close and she would do anything for him. And so she does. She trusted him.
Big mistake.
In jail she and her cellmate kyra spot 5 guys. Kyra forces her to get to know them because she is scared to go alone. Will there be love. And if Natan comes back, will she fall for him?


6. We need to talk

Luce's P.o.v.


"Okay okay I admit! It was funny!! NOW GIVE ME BACK MY FOOD!!!!" They were forcing to agmit it was funny in the most terrible way Kyra could think of. They stole my food and didn't gave it back untill I admitted it was funny. I know the food here is gross but still IT'S FOOD !! And nobody, I repeat NOBODY steels my food.

When they finaly gave me back my food I started stuffing my face imidiatly. "Are you seriously eating that crap?" Zayn asked me. "Mmmhhmm" I murmured while I continued stuffing my face. "What?"Asked Harry. I swallowed my food. "I'm hungry!" I defended. I noticed Niall staring at me the whole time. weird.


Kyra's P.o.v.


After the little 'food' break I decided it was time for some more serious talk. "So guys, you never told us how you ended up in prison?" I asked. They nodded and Liam stared to talk. "Well, as you know we were in a band and living the dream, atleast that's what we thought. Our manager, well, he wasn't as kind and good as we thought he was. He kinda used us as an alibi." he said "An alibi for what?" Asked Luce. "An alibi for money laundering." said Liam. "the police found out, but our manager wasn't stupid. He had planned everything, he used the cellar of the studio for everything, that way we were the ones to get the blame. It was the perfect alibi, manager betrayed by his own band, everyone felt sorry for him. And our carreer, is over." said Niall and a tear escaped his eye. "Hey don't cry, it's okay, we believe you." Said Luce wiping away his tear, but still making sure he didn't see her wound. He smiled at her.

Then she turned to me. "And you younglady, have some explaining to do to." She said in a motherly voice. I smiled and nodded. "I guess I'd better start at the very beginning of this all. It stated when I was 10 years old, I had a sister named Ashley, she was 12 at the time, a brother named Ben, he was 14 and two parents who loved us very much. My father and mother both had a job so my and my brother and sister were home alone a lot, but we didn't mind, we got along very well. But then my father started to be home more often until he didn't leave at all, I was happy at first because I really loved my father. I didn't realize that the reason that he was home so often was because he got fired. That meant that my mother had to work harder to earn enough money. My mother started to get really tired and my father depressed. Till one day my mom got fired, my parents got into a big fight about money, my brother was comforting me and my sister. At one point in the fight my father screamed that there wouldn't have been so much trouble about money if they didn't had kids. At first my mom got even angrier, but after a while they became more quiet. When me, my sister and my brother came down again they were hugging. But when they saw us they started so shout, to us this time. We ran upstairs to my sisters room and stayed there the whole time trying to comfort each other. That night our parents left us and never came back. My brother took all the responcibility, wich was a lot. after 5 years it became to much for him, he didn't went to school since my parents left, he just worked all day. He did that because he cared about us and whenever we tried to find a job to help him he stopped us, beacause he wanted a good future for us so we had to finish our school. But one day he couldn't take it anymore, he went out and came back drunk. after that one night he started to go out everyday, he got drunk more often and one day when i didn't made him food imidiatly he hit me. He apoligized next morning and I forgave him. But then he started to do it more often. He started to abuse me. After one year I told my bestfriend. she suported me all the time, but everytime she saw me I had more bruises and cuts. After half a year she couldn't take it anymore. She killed him. I was shocked at first but relieved at the same time. I told my sister who had done it. She got mad at me, but she didn't knew that he had abused me so long becaus ehe never touched her and kept it a secret from her. When I told her she fainted. When she woke up she was so mad at my brother but still she tought we had to go to the police because otherwise we would get the blame for the murder. I agreed but made the huge mistage of telling my friend that we were going to the police. She told me she understood but that day when I came home I found my sister and the police. My sister was death. Killed, because of me, beacause of my mistake. my best friend had also called the police and they took me to the judge who condemned my guilty. And here I am." I told them everything and to be honest it felt good. I stared down at my hands. "What has that to do with One Direction?" Asked Luce wrapping an arm around me. "It was Ashleys favorite band." I replied. "And when I heard it was you evrything just came back you know?" they nodded. "I understand now." Said Louis. "I'm sorry that happened to you, I guess they gave you a long time to go here then?" I nodded.  "Well we better make the best out of then right?" He asked smiling, I nodded again but this time I smiled, I had the feeling they really understood. It felt good.


Niall's P.o.v.


Woah this girl has been through a lot. Our story is nothing compaired to hers! I saw Luce looking confused,  I guess she didn't know this. Wich made me realize, we didn't know anything about her to. "And you Luce? You still didn't tell us anything about you? We haven't even seen your face." I said Luce was about to say something, most likely protest, but Kyra interupted her. "We can do something about that!" She said and before Luce could react she pulled the hood of her head. I gasped.


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