Love again?

Luce is a sixteen year old girl her parents died when she was just a little girl, she lived with only her brother in London. Luce was always kind of lonely because her brother was always of with some girl, he was never there for his little sister. Until Luce met Natan, she fell madly in love with him and he with her. they were very close and she would do anything for him. And so she does. She trusted him.
Big mistake.
In jail she and her cellmate kyra spot 5 guys. Kyra forces her to get to know them because she is scared to go alone. Will there be love. And if Natan comes back, will she fall for him?


5. The start of something good

Louis P.o.v.

I didn't hear what Luce was saying to her but it did stop her from crying, wich I was very thankfull for. I just wished it was me (Hehehe see what I did there?) when she finally looked up I even think I saw a little smile on her face. Luce whispered something to her again Kyra nodded slowly. She wispered something to Luce again who wispered back, but just a little harder this time wich I was very thankfull of. "Who's favorite band?" She asked kyra. "Ashley's" She replied. Luce didn't answer. It looked like she was to busy thinking, so i just asumed that she didn't know who Ashley was either. I really wanted to know, but they didn't look like they wanted me to know, since they were wispering. But on the other hand maybe she needed a shoulder to cry on but didn't want to look weak. I dicided to give it a try. "Who's Ashley?" I asked.


Luce's P.o.v.


Shit, I completely forget about the boys. But still, we were whispering weren't we? Has he been eavesdropping? Did the other boys hear it to? I looked around to check, but the other boys looked so confused, they couldn't have heard it. A part of me wanted to jump up and punch Louis in his face, but Kyra would never forgive me for that. Besides, they would only throw me in the solitary, again. So I dicided to be nice to this eavesdropping bastard and just waited for Kyra to explain. She looked up at me with a questioning look, like she wanted to know if she could trust the boys. I didn't really know but Louis seemed to care a lot about her, even though they just met. Still I wasn't sure but she looked so broken and fragile, she needed to talk about it to leave it behind. So I just nodded at her to encourage her. She let out a sigh and started to talk, "Ashley was my sister." What? She never told me she had a sister? Wait did she say 'was'? I was about to ask her but Zayn beat me to it.


Zayn's P.o.v.


I noticed that Luce was taken back a little after she heard Kyra had a sister. I guess she never told her. But why did kyra say was? What happened?  I dicided to ask her since nobody else did. "What do you mean, 'Was'?" Kyra loked at me with tears in her eyes, "She got killed." She said. "Why?"I asked. "because of me." She said and started to cry again. Luce was about to wrap her arm around her again to comfort her but Louis beat her to it, leaving Luce sitting next to Kyra with her arm outstetched. wich looked really hilarious, I forced myself to hold back my laughter and thank god it worked.


Louis's P.o.v.


I saw that Luce was about to hug Kyra, but I couldn't see her crying on her shoulder again. It felt so helpless.So I dicided that it would be me this time. Luce just sat there staring at me, and she did't look happy. And the boys were trying to hold back their laughter, but it didn't matter beacaus ethis time I had Kyra and it felt so good. She cried her eyes out on my shoulder while I was rubbing her back. When she calmed down she looked up at Luce and stared laughing. I admit it looked kinda funny. Luce was staring at me with her arms crossed like a 4 year old. the boys couldn't hold it anymore and bursted out in laughing. I guess that broke the ice because not long after she started laughing to. This must be the start of something good.


**Hello again, I know it is a bad chapter but don't worry it is just a filler. I know exactly were I want to go with this story. Love Julia **





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