Love again?

Luce is a sixteen year old girl her parents died when she was just a little girl, she lived with only her brother in London. Luce was always kind of lonely because her brother was always of with some girl, he was never there for his little sister. Until Luce met Natan, she fell madly in love with him and he with her. they were very close and she would do anything for him. And so she does. She trusted him.
Big mistake.
In jail she and her cellmate kyra spot 5 guys. Kyra forces her to get to know them because she is scared to go alone. Will there be love. And if Natan comes back, will she fall for him?


3. New friends?

Luce's P.o.v.


Kyra sat down on the bench and pulled me next to her, "Hi." she said. There was a short silence, awkward. Then, a boy with brown hair and blue eyes replied, "Hi, I'm Louis William Tomlinson, but you can call me Loubear." He said with a ridiculous accent and smiled, weird. "Hi I'm Kyra." she said and stook out her hand. But Louis ignored it and gave her a big bearhug. He kept on hugging her until Kyra said: "Louis, no air." then he released her. Flirtattempt number one, failed. I chuckled on my own joke and felt people staring at me, "Take a picture, it lasts longer." I heard them laughting and rolled my eyes, wow that was hilarious, note the sarcasm. Kyra nudged me,"be nice." she whispered. I sigh, this is gonna be a long day.

"Hi, I'm Harry and this is Zayn, Liam and Niall." said a boy with curly hair and green eyes with, once again, a ridiculous accent.  "Okay" I just said and they looked really surprised, apearently they weren't used to the fact that not everybody thought they were amazing. "And what is your name, lova?" Asked Niall, Irish accent, a little better. "Luce." I replied grumpy, I can't stand it if people call me love, they don't know me. I pulled my hood futher over my eyes.

"Why do you do that?" Asked Zayn, damn what's up with these boys and accents? "What?" I answered irritated. "Your hiding your face" He said. "No I'm not"  "Yes you are." "No I'm not" I said once again. "Then take of your hood" He said triumphantly. "No." I refused, there is no way I am showing them my wound, i didn't want questions, especially not from these boys. "Why not?" Asked Niall. "It's soft." I answered.


They were quiet, finally, 1-0 for Luce.


Louis P.o.v.


"It's soft." She said and I thing I saw her grinning, but I wasn't sure because I couldn't see her face. There was a really awkward and uncomfortable silence and I dicided to break it.

"So, Kyra, how did you end up in prison?" I asked. I really wanted to know, she lookes so innocent, what could a girl like that possibly do? "They think I killed my brother." she replied calmly. My jaw dropped, the other boys did the same. I heard Luce chuckle, why was she laughing, what was so funny about this? I thought. I guess Zayn read my mind. "What is so funny?" He asked her. "Your reaction." She replied. "How is our reaction funny?" He asked again. "Because she never killed him."

Then it hit me. She said they THOUGHT she killed her brother. "So you didn't kill him?" I asked hopefully. "Nope." said Kyra. I heard the boys sigh in relief, when we got here we decided to stay away from the extreme criminals, beacause it will only cause trouble.


"So, how about you Luce? How did you end up here?" I heard Zayn ask Luce, damn he was interested in her, big time.

Everyone waited for her answer but she just said: "that's none of your busines Zayn." I saw Kyra shaking her head in dissapointment, what was Luce hiding?

Kyra's angelic voice broke the silence, god she was pretty.

"So how did you guys end up here?" Me and the boys looked at Liam, expecting him to tell them, he cleared his throat and started to tell.



**Hey guys, I'm sorry I let you wait so long and I know it is a crappy chapter but I'm allready busy writing the new one so I hope you can forgive me (Liam puppy dog face)

<3 Julia**

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