Love again?

Luce is a sixteen year old girl her parents died when she was just a little girl, she lived with only her brother in London. Luce was always kind of lonely because her brother was always of with some girl, he was never there for his little sister. Until Luce met Natan, she fell madly in love with him and he with her. they were very close and she would do anything for him. And so she does. She trusted him.
Big mistake.
In jail she and her cellmate kyra spot 5 guys. Kyra forces her to get to know them because she is scared to go alone. Will there be love. And if Natan comes back, will she fall for him?


2. Getting used to a new home

** Hi there, I'm sorry I haven't done a update a while because I have been very busy lately, I know it's a lame excuse but it is true. And I'd like to remind you that English isn't my first language, because I am Dutch, if you see any mistakes please comment and tell me.

thank you, Love Julia**


Luce's P.o.v.


I woke up screaming, my cellmate and bestfriend was standing next to my bed. I guess I have woken her up, again. Everytime I replay that horrible night that changed my live forever again. I hate that flashback, I hate Natan, because it reminds me of how much I hate myself. And it reminds me of teh guilt, the guilt I felt for the man who's live was ended for good that day, by Natan. Eventough I didn't kill the man, I still feel like it was my fault.

My cellmate Kyra is trying to comfort me, she knows what it is like to feel guilty for something you didn't do. She's condemned for murder on her brother. While actually her ex-bestfriend killed him. Kyra even felt relieved after his death because her brother used to abuse her and her ex-bestfriend tried to save her, but murder? that was to much, Kyra got the blame though, just like me.  Because we were both condemned for a crime wich is sorta alike, we got the sae punishment. That made us bcf, best cellmates forever, we thought is was hilarious ourselves. And it was nice to have someone wo understood.


The next day we woke up the same way as usual, by the alarm that rang trough the whole prison, we wake up like that everymorning, exept for sundays. We took a quick shower and trew on our uniforms, grey sweatpants and grey hoodies. Every morning kyra started laughting at me after I had put my uniform on. She had a good reason for that because my hoody was way bigger then the one al the girls wore here, because when I arrived they had ran out of women hoodies so they just gave me a men hoodie and never changed it back, I diddn't mind actually, this way I could hide my scar on my neck and the healing wound on my fronthead were Natan had hit me easier. I'd liked to hide that because I didn't want any of the other prisoners to ask me questions, it was none of their busines who I was, Only Kyra knew me and I wanted to keep it that way, I didn't want to be broken again.  I pulled my hood over my head and was ready to go, Kyra had finished her traditional laughing and continued with her traditional 'Lets cal Luce adoreble' session I hated it and she knew that that was exactly why she didn't stop until I trew a pillow at her head. "STOP CALLING ME CUTE!" I screamed. "But you're just so adoreble!" she shouted back. no point in arguing with Kyra, she always won. "Come on, let's get some breakfast, I am starving." I complained. "Aah changing the subject are we? You know what that means right? I WIN?" She said doing the happy dance. I grapped her arm and lead her to the breakfast room where everybody had breakfast together.

When we entered I pulled my hood futher over my eyes and grabed a plate of god knows what and a glass of water. We sat in our usual corner and I started complaining again over how bad the 'food' was, until I realised that Kyra wasn't listening, she was staring at something behind me, I followed her gaze. there were five guys behind us, I turned around again, ugh typical Kyra. Ik lokked at her and raised my eyebrows. "Seriously Kyra?" I asked She looked back and replied "Look how damn hot they are Luce!"  "Yeah sure." I answered and rolled my eyes. "Let's talk to them Luce!" she begged. O no, o no no no, i thought I am not going to win this. Still I tried "Kyra don't do that to me please?" and I gave her my best puppydog eyes. "Please! For me, for your best cellmate forever who listens to your clomplaining about the food everyday without interupting?" See begged me, I laughed and she knew she had won. "Fine.." I said. "yeah, you're the best" she smiled and she jumped up from her bench. I pulled my hood over my eyes and followed her.

Nialls P.o.v.

I was talking with my mates when two girls entered the breakfast room, one with bright blond hair, tanned skin and brow eyes, seen the combinating I assumed that her hair was dyed. I couldn't realy see how the other girl looked like because she wore a hoodie wich was clearly to big and had her hood pulled over her eyes, a couple of hazel brown locks fell out of her hood. They grabbed teir food and went to the table in the corner, next to our table. I heard the girl with the hood talking about the horrible food and laughing, she had such a cute laugh. Her friend wasn't reacting but she didn't notice. then she stopped talking and looked up at her friend, she turned around and looked at us. she sighted and looked back. She started talking to her friend again but I couldn't hear what she was saying. My thoughts were interupted by Zayn, one of my mates. "Damn Louis that chick is checking you out." I turned to the girls again and saw the blond girl staring at Louis, i guess she didn't notice that we saw her. Then I saw that Louis was blushing but he didn't reply. I heard shuffling and salooked at the girls, they were walking towards us.

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