Love again?

Luce is a sixteen year old girl her parents died when she was just a little girl, she lived with only her brother in London. Luce was always kind of lonely because her brother was always of with some girl, he was never there for his little sister. Until Luce met Natan, she fell madly in love with him and he with her. they were very close and she would do anything for him. And so she does. She trusted him.
Big mistake.
In jail she and her cellmate kyra spot 5 guys. Kyra forces her to get to know them because she is scared to go alone. Will there be love. And if Natan comes back, will she fall for him?


1. Flashback

The window broke, we were in. I took a deep breath and climbed in, I couldn't go back now. I felt the broken glass cut into my arms while is was climbing into the livingroom. After Natan. The alarm rang, "Damn, hurry up Luce!" I jumped and landed on the floor right next to Natan. I lokked at him questioningly. Would we go on now the alarm was ringing? He nodded. I knew this was wrong but Natan needed me. I heard footsteps above me, scared I looked at Natan again, he didn't look back. He was staring at the stairs and smiled. Weird, I thought, it looked like he'd hoped the the owner of the house was home.

"Who's there?" I heard a voice say. "Come down here old man, then we'll talk."

What is he doing? This wasn't what we planned, we would get back the stolen money and then leave as soon as possible.

footsteps on the stairs, the man was really coming down. The man walked into the livingroom, he was very old and he dragged a bit with his leg. This didn't look like a thief, maybe we had the wrong house? I looked at Natan again, he was still smiling.

"What is this supposed to mean?" asked the man. Natan started to walk towards him. "take another steo towards me and I'll call the police!" warned the man, now I saw that he had a cellphone in his hands, he held his tumb on the callbutton. Natan suddenly accelerated, he ran towards the man and hit the phone out of the mans hands. The man shocked and fell backwards. "You aren't going to call anyone old man, you owe me something."

I thought he ment the stoolen money and tried to help"Give back what you stole!" "Stole? I didn't steal anything!" "Don't lie!"  "Luce stop, don't interfere."  I looked surprised at him, what is he doing, he said he wanted my help, that he couldn't do this on his own. He must be stressed because of the alarm, I decided. And I decided it would be the best if I stayed  quiet.

The man threid to reach his phone but Natan kicked him in the stomach and teh man fell futher backwards. I was shocked, was Natan really going to use violence? Natan bow over the man, I followed him. I think he didn't notice that I was standing next to him tough, but I kept quiet. Natan started to whisper, so he really didn't notice. Natan took a little plastic bag with white powder out of his pocket "Icing, god damnit, did you really think that I wouldn't notice?"

Huh what was this about

"Give me back my money asshole and fast, I want the real shit trickster." The man looked shocked and so did I. "I-I don't have it." the man replied. "What!" Natan said, I had never seen him this angry before "It's sold out, I'll get a new load next week, that's why I sold you the fake stuff." Natan brought his head even closer to the mans. "I paid you for cocaine, and cocaine I'll get. I'm coming back tomorrow." I suddenly forgot to keep my mouth shut.

"What! Natan what the hell are you doing!?"  Natan shocked and looked at me. "How long have  you been listening?" "long enough." I answered "Luce, it's not what it looks l.." "You said he was a thief, that he stole your money, the money you needed for your sick granny! You lied to me and I believed you! HOW COULD YOU!"  I had never been so angry in my live  "Luce calm down, not now okay." He took my hand but I pulled it away. "Let go of me you lier, I can't believ that you'd do this for a bit of DRUGS!" I was really screaming now, Natan placed his hand over my mouth to shut me up.

In all the fuss we didn't nitice that the man crawled to his phone , we noticed when was already calling the police screaming for help. Natan shocked and became furious with me, He said is was my fault and punched me in the face and my stomach, I fel and my head hit a table, everything started to turn darker, the last thing is saw was Natan pulling a knife and stabbed the old man right in his heart, Natan came over to me and placed the knfe on my neck, he slowly cut deeper and deeper, until he heard the sirens rang. he clearly got scared and instead of killing me he putted the knife in my hand, I was to weak to protest and Natan left leaving my to take the blame of his crime.

Everything turned dark.

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