Masquerade Ball (13+)

Willow attends London High where One Direction just happens to attend, she's never been one to talk to people her little brother Ben and his cancer and her older brothers death has made her un easy but whn she goes to the Masquerade Ball at school she happens to be the best looking one there. And a certain Curly haired boy finds Her, will he be able to change her un easiness? Can she trust Harry? When Harry introduces her to his friends will a certain Striped member give him help on the trust meter? Will the group of friends be good for Willow or bad? Will love happen? Will a love triangle start? Possible more than a triangle? Will more than 2 or 3 members fall for Willow?
*May contain course language and sexuality, graphic sex scenes if you are not 13 or older please don't read, well read at your own risk.*


2. One Step Closer

=Willow's P.O.V=

I was at my locker as I peeled off my leather jacket and fixed my shirt my blond wavy locks falling to the small of my back (The part of the back right above the bum)
I hung my jacket up and took out my binders I needed I glanced over to my left about 10 lockers down Harry had his head against his locker as he did the code I caught myself staring he got the lock open and opened his locker and got his stuff ready for the morning classes he glanced over at me when I quickly looks away and slammed my locker shut I went to walk away when I heard a rip I looked back t see a piece of my black blouse in the door I gasp and I look over at Harry embarrassment flushing my face I think I might be red head to toe.
My whole stomach is exposed Harry rushes over to me
"Are you ok?" He asked trying to cover me up
"Yeah I'm fine but my shirts not now I have to go home and miss the morning" I said
"I have a shirt for you if you wanna wear it" he said I nodded
"Thank you that's very sweet of you we walk over to his locker and he hands me a black shirt with a logo and the word "Ramones" over to
"Is that ok?" He asks I nod and start to un button my shirt
"Wait your just gonna change here?" He asked
"No ones out here" I said and quickly finished my buttons and peeled off my blouse and put Harry's top over my head I twisted a piece at the back and tucked it in and grabbed my binders out of Harry's hands
"Thanks" I said
"Your welcome" he says I walk over to my locker and take the piece of blouse out and throw it in the trash can with the rest of the shirt
"Want me to walk you to class?" He asked
"We're already late, but thank you your very sweet" I said and landed another peck on his cheek
"Thanks again for the shirt" I said
"You don't have to keep thanking me Willow" he said
"I feel the need too" I said as I walked off
I entered my first class
Yay, Spanish. Not.


After lunch I was headed to my table where all the people that don't talk sit when I tripped and dumped my tray, every one laughed I wanted to die at that moment when I felt a pair of strong arms go around me and then pulled me up it was Harry he brushed me off
"Are you ok?" He asked the question once again.
"No, that's so embarrassing" I said
"Come sit at my table" he said
"I don't have a lunch" I said looking him over
"I'll share" he said putting his arm around my waist guiding me to his table when we got there, I saw the users of the table
3 girls they smiled and waved to me and 4 guys one brought my attention right away his hair gelled up and wearing a white shirt with black stripes and red suspenders and red pants with white shoes he looked at me and sent me a kind smile his blue eyes twinkled I sat across from the girl on the middle of the three girls they smiled at me
They all chorused Hi's
"I'm Demi as in Demetria" she said
"I'm Dani as in Danielle" she said
I expected the next girl to say something similar but she said
"I'm Perrie like the sauce" she says I smile
"I'm Willow like the tree" I said she giggled
"Nice to meet you" they all said I nodded
"You too" I said Harry sat beside me I looked over at the blonde boy eating food like it was going to be taken away from him
"Oh that's Niall that's probably his second tray" Harry said I smiled Niall looked at me
"Hey I'm Niall" he says getting a little bit of food on my face
"Niall babe you got food on her" Demetria says
"Oh sorry" he says getting more in me I wipe it off
"Lads introduce yourselves" Harry says they straighten up
"I'm Niall"
"I'm Liam"
"I'm Zayn"
"And I'm Jennifer" stripes says the table erupts I'm laughter
"What's wrong with his name?" I asked
"That's not my real name love" he says his voice in a high tone the kind that made your heart melt
"What is it then?" I asked curious
"Louis The Tommo Tomlinson" he said shouted the "The Tommo" part gaining stares I giggled as Harry slid his tray to be in the middle of us
"Do you not have a lunch?" Stripes asked
"No I don't I spilt it" I said
"He knows trust me we laughed" Zayn says there's a stomping sound under the table and then Zayn whimpers and says
"You don't have a lunch that's horrible we didn't see you drop yours" he says
Louis looks at me again
"How about I buy you one" Stripes offers I smile
"I don't know that's sweet of you but-" he cuts me off
"Non sense!" He yells
"It would be my pleasure to buy you a lunch" he says regular volume now
"I guess so" I said
"Yay" he says and jumps up and lifts me off the chair literally lifts me off of the chair and sets me down he takes my hand and trots toward the lunch stand we get right up front and I only get a poutine and some nuggets and a Pepsi to keep it cheap for Louis he pays and we turn to walk I go to pick up the tray
"No I got it remember what happened last time?" He says I nod and he takes it for me he sets it back on the table when we get there I thank him and we return to our spots
"You thank people to much" he says smiling
"I'm just great ful" I said
"Really great ful" he says I smile and use my fork to eat my poutine the sound of Niall sucking the sauce and such off his finger tips is driving me crazy, but I ignore it and try to stay as positive as possible.
Harry was getting One Step Closer to making me happy. He was doing a good job. Stripes helped alot to his smile and him buying me lunch gave them all points.
They are all really sweet people.

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