Masquerade Ball (13+)

Willow attends London High where One Direction just happens to attend, she's never been one to talk to people her little brother Ben and his cancer and her older brothers death has made her un easy but whn she goes to the Masquerade Ball at school she happens to be the best looking one there. And a certain Curly haired boy finds Her, will he be able to change her un easiness? Can she trust Harry? When Harry introduces her to his friends will a certain Striped member give him help on the trust meter? Will the group of friends be good for Willow or bad? Will love happen? Will a love triangle start? Possible more than a triangle? Will more than 2 or 3 members fall for Willow?
*May contain course language and sexuality, graphic sex scenes if you are not 13 or older please don't read, well read at your own risk.*


3. Oh Just Kiss Me!

=Willow's POV=

The bell dismissing us from school rings. We get out of our classes I go to my locker and open it up I put my books away and grab my bag and put it over my shoulders I close my Locker door to see Harry and Louis standing there I shrieked and slapped them both playfully on the arms they giggle
"So Willow shall we be off?" Harry asked they stuck their arms towards me I grip their forearms I felt like back in the 1800s (Yes the time of Vampire Diaries :p) we walk down the hall, my high top white converse like Harry's the loose bow lips hitting on my ankles. Louis' toms make a slight clicking sound.
We exit the school and walk down the side of the road Harry on my left and Louis on my right walking on the curb, Louis and Harry keeping up a conversation about Pokémon.
"I'm just saying Battle Royal is the best" Louis says
"Yeah sure Boobear" Harry says I look forward I sneakily slip my head phones in my ears and listen to my Vampire Diaries Soundtrack. I looked down at my phone what the boys didnt know I was into reading fan fictions, mostly about them. Right now I was reading one that some girl fell in love with Niall, as she was with Liam and it was a huge mess but it was just ending now.
I kept walking forward when I was tugged back
"Willow watch out!" Harry yelled pulling me back as a huge pick up truck zoomed by the impact of my back to his chest caused him to fall onto his back my heart was beating so fast, I was panting
"Oh my god are you guys ok?!" Louis asked panicked he helped me up Harry just laid there Louis swung his superman back pack off his back and threw it to the side he kneeled down beside Harry he turned his face
"Harry" he said tapping Harry's cheeks I got worried
"Hazza?!" He yelled slapping Harry's face continuesly on the cheek he put his hands on Harry's cheeks
"Boo!" Harry yelled Louis screamed and jumped back he covered his mouth
"Harry you dick head!" He yelled putting his hand on his heart
"I could have died from a heart attack asshole!" Louis scolds him
"Awww Boobear I'm sorry" he said they started to fake cry as they sat up on their knees hugging each other putting their foreheads on each others shoulders
"I love you Lou!" Harry yelled fake subbing
"I love you more Hazza!" He yelled
"Alright boys people are starting to stare..." I said nudging them
"Just let us have our moment" Louis said
"Oh just kiss me!" Harry says they grab each other and fake kiss. Louis messing up Harry's curls and Harry messing up Louis' swept hair. (Like I'm WMYB just telling you) they laughed as they got up. Harry dusted himself off
"Come on peasant dust off the queen" Louis said to Harry I covered my mouth to contain a laugh. Louis and Harry were my favorite people in the WHOLE world.
"Come on boys" I said as Harry finished off dusting off Louis. I was walking inbetween the both of them when they slipped their hands into mine lacing our fingers together. They both looked at me smiling and then smiled at each other.
They both squeezed the hand they were holding. I looked at the, both again, Louis and Harry. My best friends
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