I know how it feels..

I know how it feels to want someone that much. Looking at them and needing them to just say 'hey' or even smile at you. I know how that feels. There's this girl that I like, Rose. She doesn't know that I like her.. but I plan to tell her.. someday.


2. My name is Ben Walker, and a pleasure to meet you.

I'm not really one for writing, but here goes. My name is Ben Walker, and a pleasure to meet you. No, that doesn't sound right..

   Anyway, I get fancied by the girls- a lot. And I am not just saying that in a braggy teenage-boy way. I'm not like that. There's always some random girls coming up to me at break and lunch going 'heya babe!!'. A lot of time, I hardly know them, but they seem to know me. I think quite a few people know me, actually. I'm also quite into my music.. I've never showed anyone my songs apart from my best friend, Rose. She understands me like no one else, shes like a sister to me, honestly! Rose tells me I could be the next 'One Direction' but a solo version, each and every girl fangirling over me. I doubt it really.. I mean, come on. I like to write songs about life, too. I know how it feels to let the expression out into a song, how to make it your own, and how to put your heart and soul into it. I know how that feels..

    Yet, there's one girl that I am focusing on right now. Maisie Malcom. She is perfect to me. Her personality is amazing- each and every joke always coming with a cute giggle after. Her chesnut-brown hair blowing infront of her face, and a dainty hand brushing it out the way. Her wide, bright eyes sparkle in the light and dark. Her perfect mouth, her smile. The way she doesn't have to do the 'duck face' in her Facebook pictures. Her natural make up. Her figure. Her face. Her.

  She was there when I walked in- Maisie. I waved to her as soon as I walked in, clutching my JD sports bag. She gave a little smile, before being dragged off by 'Queen-Bee' Carla. There was Rose, stood in the corner, tapping away on her Nokia. I strolled over to her. Carla was giving me the evils from the centre of the corridors, she fancies me, and her seeing me with Rose killed her. Rose though, really? Rose wasn't exactly the most popular girl- at all actually. She was very self-concious about everything. I stood up to her bullies in Year 8. I think that definitely helped her confidence, and it definitely made us friends.


"Oh, hi" she said smiling, her white phone screen giving her a ghoulish look.

Today was going off with a good start. Thank god for that.



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