I know how it feels..

I know how it feels to want someone that much. Looking at them and needing them to just say 'hey' or even smile at you. I know how that feels. There's this girl that I like, Rose. She doesn't know that I like her.. but I plan to tell her.. someday.


3. Drama- The study of girls seeking even more attention.



   First lesson, drama. The study of attention-seeking girls seeking even more attention. God, help me. I'm crap at drama. Absolutely crap. I'm quite a shy person, I never really speak to anyone unless it's group work, and even then I can barely get a word out. The only good side about drama is seeing Carla putting on stupid fake accents, and she thinks people are laughing with her.. and they are. But I like to think they're laughing at her, because.. well I guess that's just the way my brain functions.

   "Good Morning pupils!" Miss Flanagan beams. A few groans echoed from the back of the hall. I am not actually sure why our class hates Miss Flanagan. She's really nice. Well, if you can get used to the smell, then you should be okay. But I won't go into much detail about that.

  I quietly sat there, on my chair waiting for Miss Flanagan to do the register. Ben came and set down next to me. Ben. He started talking to me about our lessons today- science last. I love science, but he was dragging on about how lame it was. I totally disagreed. Then he asked me if he could just go and catch up with a few people. I nodded. I didn't want to make him annoyed if I said no. And he got up, and walked off. He walked off to Jay, Connor and Robbie. And Maisie (+crew). I was guranteed he liked her. They were usually talking to each other. Laughing. Joking. And an occasional hug from time to time. Yes, I was jealous. She was pretty, but most of all, she had Ben's heart. And I was sat here, on my chair, alone. Thinking. About life. About me. About Ben.

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