I know how it feels..

I know how it feels to want someone that much. Looking at them and needing them to just say 'hey' or even smile at you. I know how that feels. There's this girl that I like, Rose. She doesn't know that I like her.. but I plan to tell her.. someday.


1. Introducing me.

They looked at me as I stepped out of the car, our first day back at school.

  My trousers felt too tight against my legs, my top felt too baggy, and my hair was still wet from this morning's swim. They all smirked at me. 'Stupid little posh loner' they sneered. The Barbies were all hunched in a corner. Whispering. Laughing. Pointing. Carla was their master though, the demon, the one that all of us bent down to. She was like a goddess, that girls adored, teachers adored, and boys adored more, for obvious reasons. Carla was one of them girls that you look at and wonder how it feels to be so beautiful, how it feels to be so popular, how it feels to be so.. loved. Loved more, than anyone else.

"Hey stranger!" Ben shouted. You're probably wondering who Ben is. My best friend- my only friend. He stood up to some old bullies in Year 8 for me, when they were poking my eczema, pulling my hair and trying to trip me over. He got me through that. I don't know why. He was one of the populars; the one that all the girls would fancy because of his cute messy hair, ocean-green eyes, and perfect body. He was the one that the girls would pick 'marry', in a game of 'snog, marry, avoid.' I actually had a bit of a crush on him too, but I never told him. I planned to though, someday. One day.

My name is Rose Hudson, and this is my story.

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