helicopter love

Can we pretend that helicopters in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.

Yes I sure could use that wish because sometimes things keep going wrong for me!!!!!


3. when I stalked u

For the next few weeks, I watch him from a distance, creeping down the hallway to be closer to him.

I found out his name was George and that I was completely in love with him and his perfection.

One day I saw him and I fell down from all the love weighing down my shoulders.

"Oh no! Are you okay!" He ran and helped me up. When he took my hand, I got electrocuted and passed out from all the feelings.

When I wake up, I'm in a hospital bed, worried faces around me as the monitor attached by hundreds of tangled cords to my arm beeps and shrieks because I am dying.

"I'm alive!" I hug my family and friends, but George is nowhere in sight. I hope he's okay.

All I know is that our love is so powerful that it put me in a coma for two weeks.

And while it is dangerous and might kill both of us, I need it in my life because what is life without love and what is love without George so what is life without my bby?!
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