helicopter love

Can we pretend that helicopters in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.

Yes I sure could use that wish because sometimes things keep going wrong for me!!!!!


2. when I fall in love

When our eyes first met, it was like a radioactive fire raging in my heart. He was seated at the back of the classroom, his pencil scratching at the page as he completed his exam.

The way his little mustache tickled his upper lip, the way he smiles with such a passion for learning because we are at school makes my heart have a radioactive fire raging inside of it.

"Who's that?" I ask my friend Anya.

"Oh that is that guy who's been stalking me for a few months." She answered, sneaking a glance in his direction.

"What's his name?" I whispered, my chest exploding with love and magical feelings like little fairies doing magic spells in my arteries.

"I dunno...." She raises her eyebrows. "Why.....?"

"Because.........." I wave away the imaginary rainbows floating around my head with my hand leaving sparkles raining down in a shower of sunshine and flower petals. "Because I love him!"
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