helicopter love

Can we pretend that helicopters in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.

Yes I sure could use that wish because sometimes things keep going wrong for me!!!!!


11. sad

"I was just kidding......" George whispers and everyone gasps

"what I ask you can joke about marriage?!!!!"

"I just did" George smirks and Liam hugs me.

"George tou are muchoe evil!!!!" He spits and he kisses me and love!!!!

"Omg no that's my wife!!!" Screams George.

"No you jut said it was a joke" Louis explains.

"I was just kidding about just kidding!" He yells with tears streaming down his face. "I was lying!"

"Oh okay" I say kissing him. "That was actualy a muchoe funny joke."

"Hahaha" says everyone Crying with laughter.

Suddenl the earth begins to quake and the hospital collapses beneath our feet!!

"Whoa" we yell the. Fall to the ground!!!

As everything goes black, George wrpas his arms around me and pulls me close to save my life!!!!!
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