Dont Give Up

Justin doesnt wanna preform anymore. How will his fans react? After his parents death hes just given up and I am gonna have to pick him up and get him back on stage.


5. Who is she?

Emilys POV:

When we got home from the zoo I couldnt find Justin. Maybe he finally went and did something! He was out for like the longest time. But whatever I called him and he didnt answer so not my problem. But I was still a little worried. The next morning I woke up to the smell of food... Was Justin actually cooking? I walked down stairs and there was some girl in the kitchen and she was wearing my pjs! "Morning Justin" I said while standing in the kitchen. "Whos she?" I added. "Hi Em, and thats my date.. Hanna" Justin said. HIS WHAT?! I dont know why this hurt me so much. Justin has had plently of girlfriends before. "And who the hell are you?" Hanna said. "Hi Im Emily and Im Justins best-est friend and why are you wearing my clothes?" I said. "Justin gave them to me?" she said. "Well take them off and get the fuck out" I said. "No Hanna stay, Emily of you have a problem with her you can go" Justin said. OMG did he just say that? "Then goodbye Justin please dont call me EVER AGAIN!" I said and then went upstairs and packed my stuff. When I was done I walked out. I cried the entire drive. I decided it was time to go home. I walked into the house and to my surpise my dad didnt even tell me to leave? He just gave me a hug and told me "Welcome home". I went up to my room and unpacked. It felt so wierd being home. But Justin didnt want to be around me anymore.. I think Ive finally realized that me and Justin are only friends when we need something from eachother. But that was done. I had a ton of other friends like Genna, Kayleigh and Maryanne. I would just hang out with them for a while. No change that they are tied for my bestfriends now. Justins not part of my life anymore. He has Hanna.

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