Dont Give Up

Justin doesnt wanna preform anymore. How will his fans react? After his parents death hes just given up and I am gonna have to pick him up and get him back on stage.


7. Justin... Meet Drake

Justins POV:
Things were normal and I wasnt so sad about my mom anymore. Like I still missed her but I realized that she wouldnt want me lounging around the house doing nothing all the time. It was a normal day, Emily was cookin` bacon and I was watching Sponge Bob. *KNOCK KNOCK*. "Ill get it" I shouted. I ran to get the door and there was some guy? "Is Emily here?" he asked. "Yeah and who are you?" I asked. "Drake... Her boyfriend" he said. What her boyfriend? When did this happen? I dont know why this pissed me off so much... "Oh... Hi Drake..." Emily said. "Emily I need to talk to you" Drake said. "Ok come upstairs, Justin the bacons done its in the kitchen" She said. And then she walked upstairs. Of course I was gonna evse drop on their convo. They went upstairs into Emilys room so I just kinda stood in the hall way. They had already started talking when I got upstairs. "I dont like you staying here" Drake said. Why whats wrong with my house? "Well I dont really care I like being here with my FRIEND" Emily explained. "Well what if you cheat on me with... Him" Drake said. Whoa! I would never do that. Like not while she has a boyfriend anyways. "Im not gonna cheat with Justin.. If I really wanted to be with him I would have broken up with you already" Emily said. DAMN! So wait she didnt want me? "I dont want you living here and thats the end" Drake shouted. "Well Im staying here no matter what you say!" Emily screamed. *Smack* Did he just hit her? Omg thats enough. I barged into the room. Emily was on the floor crying. "Get out Justin, Lemme handle my woman" Drake said.

Emilys POV:
I cant believe Drake just hit me. And was Justin listening the entire time. "No you dont deserve her!" Justin screamed! "And you think you do?" Drake scoffed. "No I dont. Emily is loyal and sweet and beautiful and shes always there for people and she makes some really good bacon" Justin said. Omg did he really think all those things? I touched my cheekbone there was blood... Did he actually hit me that hard? "Now get the hell out of my house!" Justin shouted. As Drake left I screamed behind him "And if it wasnt clear we are so OVER!" I screamed. I went and sat on the couch while Justin gave me "medical treatment". I woke up the next day and had a black eye and my cheek was all bruised. I walked into the kitchen and heard music.... OMG WAS JUSTIN PLAYING AGAIN!!!

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