Dont Give Up

Justin doesnt wanna preform anymore. How will his fans react? After his parents death hes just given up and I am gonna have to pick him up and get him back on stage.


6. I was Wrong.

Justins POV:
It had been a couple months of me not talking to Emily. I was hoping she would call, but it never happened. Hanna had moved into my house and we really hit it off. I just got out of the shower and was walking around the house when I over heard Hanna on the phone with her friend. I know its not right to evse drop but it needed to be done. "OMG Jessica! He doesnt do anything Ive been waiting for him to go and be famous again but hes not doing anything" Hanna said. I didnt hear what her friend said but I was just listening to Hanna. "Yeah I know right this plan of getting famous off him has basically gone down the toilet." She then said. I couldnt listen to this. I barged into the room. "Really? Thats what youve been doing all along? Just playing me?" I shouted. "No Justin baby why would I ever do that" Hanna pleaded. "I heard you on the phone and to think I gave up one of my best friends for you... Yeah big mistake!" I said. "No Baby Im so so sorry" Hanna said while trying to hug me. "NO! Dont even! Start packing your stuff I want you out before 2" I demanded. "OK" Hanna said. Once she was gone I realized that I should have listened to Emily when Hanna first came to the house. I was wrong. I went to Emilys house to see if she would forgive me. The entire drive all I could think about was her and how I wronged her and how I needed to get her back. I got to her house and her dad let me in. Surpirsingly. I went up to her room and there she was laying on her bed watchin tv. "Hey" I said. "Justin? Get out NOW!" she screamed. "Just listen to me give me 5 minutes please" I pleaded. "Whatever. I told her Hannas plan. " I told you so" Emily said. "Yeah and I wanted to say that Im so so so sorry and I need my best friend back" I pleaded. "Ok listen Justin" she started. " I dont know why I flipped out with Hanna, I dont have a crush on you well maybe I do but I dont know and I dont want us to only be friends when we need something, and I dont know how much I can forgive you" She said. "I feel the same way, Like about the crush thing but I promis that it wont be like that" I said. "Justin! You knew her for like a day and you ditched me over her" Emily exclaimed. "I know I was stupid and wrong and Im sorry" I said. Please Just say everything will be okay.

Emilys POV:
Should I become friends with him again? I couldnt forget what he did but hes never gonna leave me alone until I take him back. "Sure Justin" I said. "OMG YES!" he screamed while giving me a big hug. Oh how I missed his hugs. "Come back and stay at my house, make things go back to normal" Justin said. "Umm I dont know" I said. I just got back with my dad and I dont even know if he would EVER take me back if I left again. I went to go and ask my dad. "Stay" I said to Justin. I walked down stairs and looked for my dad. "Umm dad" I said. "Yeah pumpkin" He said. OMG he was gonna make this difficult. "Im gonna move out of the house" I said. "Ok" he said. " Dad this is important to me... Wait what?!" I said. Did he honestly just agree? "Your 18 now and you can come and go as you please and I think this would be good for you and as long as you come and visit me thats fine" My dad told me. "Thank you daddy" As I kissed him on the cheek and ran upstairs. I packed my stuff. "So your coming?" Justin asked. "Yeah" I said. He jumped up and down like a little girl. I finished packing my stuff and went to Justins. Everything was back to normal.

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