Dont Give Up

Justin doesnt wanna preform anymore. How will his fans react? After his parents death hes just given up and I am gonna have to pick him up and get him back on stage.


1. Goodbye

Justins POV:

Before we left the funeral home I was kneeling next to the casket of my mother with Scooter, and my best-friend Emily. All 3 of us with puffy eyes and tears streaming down our faces. I gently kissed her cold cheek and the ushers closed the casket. That was the last time I would ever see my mothers face. Since my grandparents said they couldnt take seeing her be "locked up" they waited in the limo, we got in and made our way to the cemetary. This was all my fault! If I hadnt gotten famous and needed her to pick me up at the club she wouldnt have gotten in that car accident. And she wouldnt have her funeral put on the news! Like do people have no limits just let me morn the death of my mother in peace. We arrived at the cemetary. The ushers moved the casket to the burrial spot. Her casket was covered in a variety of flowers. We prayed and then everyone left. It was just Scooter, Emily, my grandparents and I. I was knelt at the foot of the casket crying my eyes out. Everyone else was crying aswell. One of the men from the cemetary came, cleared the flowers and put them in a box. "Umm Mr. Bieber its time" he said. I stood next to my grandparents, as they lowered her casket into the ground. I had to say goodbye to my mom. But she wasnt just my mom, she was my best-friend, my rock, my support system, my biggest fan, my care giver.... my everything.

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